NovaStor DataCenter – Always First to the Finish Line

multiplexing to tape

Our team is very proud of the short backup and restore times NovaStor DataCenter is able to achieve. Marketing and Sales are using words like “multi-streaming” and “multiplexing” to describe the speed of backup and restore, but do you know what exactly they are trying to say? This article highlights …

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User Rights Management in NovaBACKUP DataCenter v5.3

With the latest version of NovaBACKUP DataCenter we have introduced an expanded User Management feature. This feature can do a number of things several of our customers have been asking for and some things that might not be quite so obvious. I am going to explain a couple scenarios and …

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Windows Server 2012 (R2) Deduplication and you

Windows Server Logo

When someone mentions deduplication with regards to storage many people get blinded by dollar signs, very few people that I talk with know that they might have a perfectly good deduplication solution just sitting in their already provisioned server and not even know it.  Starting with Windows Server 2012, and …

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Microsoft Exchange DAG

Microsoft Exchange

Lately NovaStor’s sales department has been getting asked a lot more about Exchange DAG support and if our backup software is able to backup and restore the Exchange in this configuration. That’s why I thought, I tell you a little bit about Exchange DAG itself, what it does and how …

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NovaStor’s line of products – A technical overview

Which NovaStor backup software covers your backup scenario? During the Webinar recording ” NovaStor’s line of products – a technical overview ” Jonathan Calmes, Head of Enterprise Sales and Nathan Fouarge, Director of Products are explaining: NovaStor’s backup solutions NovaBACKUP Business Essentials, NAS, and DataCenter The best backup and restore …

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Tape is dead! Long live the tape! – Part II

Tape is dead! Long live the tape!

If you have read part I of Tape is dead! Long live the tape! you already know more about the differences between speed and performance regarding tape and disk devices. Section 3 ‘Tape is expensive’ started with a calculation to figure out whether or not this myth is true. 3) …

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