Tape is dead! Long live the tape! – Part I

Tape is dead! Long live the tape!

It feels like there is a movement in some IT circles that say backup to tape is obsolete since ‘the cloud’ found its way into the datacenters of the world. Even in the times of private cloud services, SAN snapshots, SSD’s, and cheap public cloud storage we should take our …

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NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.3.1 – Key Features and Live Walkthrough

Webinar recording introducing NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.3.1 The following YouTube video explains the key features and benefits of NovaStor’s network backup solution NovaBACKUP DataCenter. Jonathan Calmes, Head of Enterprise Sales and Nathan Fouarge, Director of Products are talking about: Backup & Restore for physical and virtual environments Scalable software architecture for …

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