NovaStor Enhances Customer Experience with Zendesk Support System

NovaStor Support now offers even more to our users with streamlined Support ticket system, powered by Zendesk. This new system offers a number of new advantages including:

Ticket Management

Users are now able to log in to the ticket system from anywhere to view their support tickets. Once logged in, users can search through all tickets, view and respond (with attachments) from a single interface. While account creation is not required it does provide additional functionality, such as letting organizations view tickets and responses from other members on their team. Follow-up tickets can even be based off completed cases, retaining all the original information.

View of the “My tickets” area when signed-in:

Solution Suggestions

When submitting a support ticket via the web at , clickable suggested articles will automatically be displayed when entering a subject. These technical how-to articles are written by NovaStor’s backup support experts to help prevent unnecessary ticket creation, and bring you vital information when you need it most.



When submitting a ticket, you can now CC (copy) colleagues or team members involved in the case. All parties will receive the responses from the assigned ticket agent. As the ticket requester, you can even CC new parties on existing tickets, allowing for additional communication whenever necessary. Log in from almost anywhere to check responses – no need to search through your emails.


Intelligent Submission

When viewing our enterprise (DC, xSP) knowledgebase articles, you may decide that submitting a ticket is necessary. Your ticket can now be created based on the article which you are viewing. This gives additional information to the NovaStor support technician, making it faster and easier for them to assist you. Near the bottom of any knowledgebase article you’ll see the “Have more questions? Submit a request” link.   (Note: NovaBACKUP product knowlegebase currently located here.)


These are but a few of the support system improvements that users will experience when searching for information and requesting assistance from NovaStor. Other advantages are on the way in future stages of our Zendesk implementation. We look forward to making continued enhancements and building a community that supports the protection of your critical data.


Written by Jon Ferraez.
Jon is a backup support expert serving NovaStor’s DataCenter and NovaBACKUP communities. The views expressed are his own.

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