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Support Policy

Table of Contents

  1. NovaStor Technical Support. Mission Statement
  2. Introduction: About this document
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Support Services Overview
    1. Standard Support Services
    2. Complementary Support Services
  5. NovaStor Support Services for ValueCREATE! Partners
  6. Support Request Processing
      Submitting a Support Request Online
      Support Requests' Ticketing
      Support Request Closure
      Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  7. Supported Versions of NovaStor Software Products
  8. Update and Upgrade Policy
    1. Product Update
    2. Product Upgrade
  9. Product Upgrade Protection Policy

NovaStor Technical Support. Mission Statement

NovaStor Technical Support is committed to provide a high level of professional support to our customers and partners enabling their success with NovaStor's software solutions and technologies.

Our support teams in the U.S. and Germany consist of highly qualified support engineers who identify with our customers' goals. We aim to provide timely, accurate solutions to our customers by offering expertise and handing out appropriate sources of information and assistance.

NovaStor maintains a high level of technical knowledge and competency in our support engineers and provides the team opportunities to exceed.

Our customers' and partners' success with our products is considered as our responsibility: we listen to your input in order to assist with the continued improvement of our services and products.

Introduction: About this document

The purpose of this document is to provide you with an overview of NovaStor's support service options and information on how to access NovaStor Technical Support resources. The guidelines apply to support services for the following NovaStor products:

  • NovaBACKUP Professional
  • NovaBACKUP Server
  • NovaBACKUP Server
  • NovaBACKUP Network
  • NovaBACKUP xSP
  • NovaBACKUP Remote Workforce


This document has been created for your convenience. Nothing in this document conveys a contractual right to you, or a commitment from NovaStor. NovaStor reserves the right to make changes and amendments to this document and change support policies referenced here at its discretion.

Support Services Overview

NovaStor presents its customers with a range of support offerings that are designed to meet the support requirements of every customer who is in need of our assistance.

Standard Support Services

Basic Support

NovaStor is offering a range of information material accessible to all our customers.

  • In the NovaStor Forum users share information and experiences with other users.
  • The NovaStor Knowledgebase is an on-line resource center that contains all publicly available information on NovaStor's above listed products.
  • The Documentation section of NovaStor's website offers product documentation and release notes for all major release versions, and currently released products when available.
  • Training videos and webinars are available in the webinar section of NovaStor's website and offer introductions to selected products as well as training units on selected core tasks of data protection with NovaStor products.
  • NovaStor's Channel Partners may request a range of additional free support services designed for their needs. For details, please refer to the section "NovaStor Support Services for ValueCREATE! Partners" below.
Free Trial Support

For 15 consecutive calendar days starting with the date of either the registration of the evaluation software or the product registration you may not only freely access the Basic Support options, but may also submit your requests online in order to receive an individual answer to your question within one business day.

Free Trial support is available for all of the above listed NovaStor products.

Premium Support

Premium Support plans add individual online support with a reaction time of one business day to the Basic Support options.

Premium Support is designed for professional users of NovaStor products. NovaStor's Premium Support offers solutions to any employee in enterprises of all sizes. We wish, however, to point out that online communication is most efficient and successful when IT professionals are involved at the customer site.

Premium support plans are available for NovaBACKUP Professional, Server and Business Essentials. Each Premium Support plan runs for a year starting with the date of purchase.

Per Incident Support

Per Incident Support adds individual call-back phone support with quick reaction time to the Basic Support options. Once the item has been purchased users receive the initial response from NovaStor's support team within three business hours within NovaStor's business hours.

Per Incident Support should be considered by home users as well as IT professionals such as administrators for all time-critical questions but restore support, which requires a different support service.

Per Incident Support is available for NovaBACKUP Professional, Server, Business Essentials and Remote Workforce. The support ticket is valid for on incident.

xSP Support Plan

The xSP Support Plan is designed to provide all NovaBACKUP xSP customers with the technical assistance they require for the successful operation of a data protection service.

The xSP Support Plan adds individual online support as well as phone support on a call-back-basis (also defined as Per Incident Support) to the Basic Support options. Reaction time for online support is one business day, for local phone support three hours within NovaStor's business hours.

NovaStor recommends the xSP Support Plan to all service providers who are providing a backup service with NovaBACKUP xSP.

The xSP Support Plan is only available for NovaBACKUP xSP and runs for a year's time.

Complementary Support Services

In addition to the standard support services described above NovaStor is offering a range of services upon individual arrangement.

Setup Support

Setup Support adds individual phone support for the software setup to the Basic Support options. Upon purchasing Setup Support customers will receive a call from NovaStor's support engineers for further arrangements. The package entitles the purchaser to receive a phone call and a remote assistance session from NovaStor's support team to help them install and configure the software on their system.

Setup Support is available for all of the above listed NovaStor products. The Setup Support Ticket is valid for one year starting with the date of purchase.

Restore Support

Restore Support adds individual phone support for the restoration process to the Basic Support options. Upon purchasing Restore Support customers will receive a call from NovaStor's support engineers for further arrangements. Restore Support is available for all of the above listed NovaStor products. The Restore Support ticket is valid for one years starting with the date of purchase.

Please note: A successful data restore depends on the measures that customers have taken to protect their data. NovaStor can therefore not guarantee a successful restore, but support customers in an optimal manner during the process.

NovaStor Support Services for ValueCREATE! Partners

As part of NovaStor's partner program ValueCREATE!, NovaStor grants partners a number of additional support services depending on the active partnership level.

Please refer to the table below for services available for each partnership level. Unless described above we have added a short service description below the table.

Beyond the Support Services for ValueCREATE! Partners, all NovaStor support packages are available to NovaStor's ValueCREATE! Partners at the standard discount.

NovaStor Support Services for ValueCREATE! Partners


NovaStor equips ValueCREATE! partners with Not-for-resale licenses that allow partners to evaluate one or more NovaStor product/s over a longer time than the standard evaluation period. "Not for Resale" Licenses, are licenses for evaluation and demonstration purposes only and not for productive usage. NFR-Licenses are only available under the terms of NovaStor's NFR Agreement.
For further details please contact NovaStor at

Pre- & Post Sales Support

Certified and Premium Partner are entitled for pre- and post-sales services for projects with their customers.
For pre-sales services the partner should contact his NovaStor sales representative who will forward the request to our support team. For post-sales services the partner can use the standard online or email case submission. Note: a technical representative of the partner has to handle the support case. The right to receive support cannot be forwarded to the customer.


As member of our Beta group you will be involved in the final stage of the release process of the product you have chosen. You have the chance to acquaint yourself with the new version prior to the launch and can report any bugs you might encounter as well as point out further improvement possibilities.

Onsite Protect

OnSite Protect is an exclusive NovaStor support service for ValueCREATE! partners. In order to support you during the installation at the customer site you may arrange for a NovaStor support engineer to be available by phone during a defined time span. In case you should face any problem during the on-site installation you may contact the NovaStor support engineer by phone as arranged in advance.

Support Request Processing

Whether you contact us via email or via the Support Request Form, we will promptly log your support request and quickly assign your issue to the appropriate support engineer. The following sections detail the life cycle of a support request and explain best practices, our processes and your options as the issue progresses. Here are general recommendations for contacting us by e-mail or website.

Submitting a Support Request Online

If you have an active Support Plan, have an unused Per Incident Support Request, or are entitled to Complementary Support, you can send a Support request from our website.

To send a support request, go to the Support Section of NovaStor's website, select your product and choose "Contact TechSupport".

If you donot have an active Support Plan or an unused Per Incident Support Request, you may go to "Purchase Support" on the NovaStor support site, select the option you need and click on "add to Cart". This will automatically select the right product in our online shop. You may then submit your request directly from the options page.

Once there, fill out the necessary fields, provide a detailed problem description and attach any/all system information and log files.

Please use your Cleverbridge reference number or e-mail used at online purchase when submitting the Support Request Form. This is necessary as our Support Request System will identify you as a registered NovaStor Software user by your Cleverbridge number or e-mail address.

Support Requests Ticketing

After you submitted your Support Request our Ticket System assigns a unique ticket number (Ticket ID) to your customer request for assistance. These ticket numbers allow NovaStor Support to prioritize and track all requests through resolution, and allow the customer to get a status update of their case via the Support section of our Website.

You will receive an e-mail with Ticket ID assigned to your request and the link to your support request in the support system. Always record your Ticket ID and please ensure that you have it readily available if you are calling or sending e-mail to our support team in reference to an existing case.

If you use a support plan that includes call-back phone support a support representative will call you soon after the submission to solve your problem.

You can view the status of your support request and annotate your request any time via the NovaStor Support Website. Use the link you received in the response mail to your case submission.
You can also close your support if you found a solution to your problem by yourself. In that case your Support Request will be automatically closed in SRS.

Support Request Closure

Excluding cases described in the above section a Support Request is typically closed when you confirm that a resolution is reached or if we do not hear back from you after three attempts to contact you over a ten days period. We may also close Support Requests if we cannot resolve, or chose not to resolve certain issues, with acknowledgment and agreement from you.

You will be notified by e-mail when your support request will be marked as "Closed". However you can always reopen your ticket by pressing "Reopen" button. Please be sure before reopen a particular Support Request Ticket that your comment is not a new support issue.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The services we offer and the services we will offer in the future are based largely on feedback from you. Your satisfaction with our services is the only way we measure our success. Thereto we conduct customer satisfaction surveys that give you the opportunity to let us know how we are doing.

Supported Versions of NovaStor Software Products

As a general policy, NovaStor Software supports each major version of our products from the time it is released until 18 months after the next major version becomes available. For example, we will normally discontinue support for version 8.0 of a given product 18 months after version 9.0 becomes available.

Documentation and related Knowledgebase articles for unsupported versions of NovaStor products remain available on the NovaStor Website. However, we do not accept Support Requests for discontinued versions.

Update and Upgrade Policy

We provide software releases to fix problems uncovered in our current products. We use two mechanisms to provide bug fixes:

Product Update

Updates provide important fixes to NovaStor products that could affect you. By updating, you insure yourself of running the latest version of the software with all of the latest fixes. Product Updates are released regularly.

The NovaStor E-mail notification system allows you to remain up-to-date on current events, latest updates for your products, as well as new product releases. To subscribe please check the appropriate box in your registration form.

Being a registered user of one or more NovaStor products, you are entitled to free updates to this product until a new major release is launched that changes the version number of the product in front of the dot, e.g. from version 2.5 to 3.0, in accordance with the specific update policy.

Product Upgrade

Upgrade means new versions of NovaStor products that contain major enhancements, new features or significantly improved functionality, thus we are committed to further development of our software. However, NovaStor does not assume any obligations concerning any dates of new version releases. Upgrades are signified by a major version number change. For example, a major upgrade from version 8.0 would be 9.0. If a new version of the software you purchased is released within 30 days you can get a free upgrade.

The discounts are only available if you are purchasing the next version of software you have already purchased; otherwise, no discounts are available. For example, if you have purchased version 5.x and now you want to purchase version 7.x you have to pay the full price.

When purchasing the product initially you may include the product upgrade protection which entitles you to all new major releases and versions for as long as you maintain the upgrade protection plan without interruption, as specified below.

Product Upgrade Protection Policy

By purchasing the Upgrade Protection for a NovaSstor product, the customer ensures that their software is always kept up-to-date with the latest version of the software - without having to worry about any extra upgrade costs. NovaStor's software continues to be developed and improved in response to customer needs and new technological advances, to ensure the best software is being provided. It is in the best interest of the customer to take advantage of these developments in the most cost-effective way.

During the term covered by Upgrade Protection, customers are entitled to receive all generally-released new versions of their NovaStor software title(s), including both updates and major releases, changes, service packs and patches for the product. In other words you can always download updates and upgrades for free, as long as your Upgrade Protection coverage is active.

The NovaStor Upgrade Protection can be bought for a one year period and be renewed as long as you wish to.

In case you for some reason you would like to buy Upgrade Protection after the intial product purchase, please contact us at indicating which software you purchased.