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Case Studies

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Ex’pression College

Ex’pression College in California offers students cutting edge technology in their pursuit of a career in the digital arts. With rapidly growing data, their existing backup solution was not meeting the task of protecting critical data in a timely manner. NovaStor was brought in, and after a successful pilot project was fully implemented, cutting backup times in half.

Jefferson County

Jefferson County is located inside of Montana covering the towns of Boulder and Whitehall. The IT division of Jefferson County is responsible for over 150 work stations in locations throughout both towns as well as the data on over 20 servers both virtual and physical. For the protection of their databases and applications Jefferson County chose NovaStor DataCenter.


IT and service provider PHONONET protects 29 million Files with NovaStor DataCenter.

Compass Network Group

Using NovaBACKUP’s remote management capability (included with the NovaBACKUP NAS family), Compass Network Group keeps over 400 dental practices compliant with HIPAA and other health care regulations.

DataStor (NovaStor xSP)

DataStor provides secure remote backup to approximately 100 businesses in Australia. The company has been using NovaStor xSP for nearly 15 years to power and protect their successful backup service.

Ditto Offsite Backup (NovaStor xSP)

NovaStor xSP helps propel start ups to early success. Ditto Offsite Backup provides Australian businesses with a premier offsite backup solution.

Fasthosts (NovaStor xSP)

Fasthosts, a leading UK web hosting service provider, decided to add backup services to its portfolio and chose to base its offering on NovaStor's cloud backup platform.

Fingerlake (NovaStor xSP)

Since its founding in 2006 has relied on NovaBACKUP xSP to power its backup service as it has grown into one of the premier online backup providers in the region.

Fred IT (NovaStor xSP)

Fred IT is Australia’s largest IT solution provider to the pharmacy industry. The company has been using NovaStor xSP for over five years as their core online backup platform which services over 3,000 customers throughout the country.

General Mills (NovaStor DataCenter)

General Mills speeds up their backup with NovaStor DataCenter.

General Mills

General Mills is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of consumer foods products. At General Mills’ headquartered data center, NovaStor DataCenter currently backs up more than 16 TB per day.

REIT Technologies (NovaStor xSP)

Business management, IT and backup service provider, REIT Technologies uses NovaStor xSP for its easy-install and administration model, local support features, and constant product developments & updates to power their large backup service.

Schafflhuber (NovaBACKUP Server)

Schafflhuber protects dental offices with NovaBACKUP Server

Tieto (NovaStor DataCenter)

Global service provider Tieto protects one of the largest corporate data loads worldwide with NovaStor DataCenter.

US Internet (NovaStor DataCenter)

When licensing fees for the backup solutions in place made it near impossible to remain competitive, US Internet carefully evaluated the leading products and chose NovaStor DataCenter for its fixed pricing, high speed and reliability.

US Internet

Founded in 1995, US Internet is an international provider of internet and hosting services used by thousands of companies. NovaStor DataCenter’s unique pricing and licensing helps US Internet to remain competitive.

Dolder Resort

From its booking system to building management and customer service, the Dolder Resort protects their business-critical data with NovaStor DataCenter.

Data Sheets

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NovaStor xSP Datasheet

This is a quick reference sheet for the NovaStor xSP product.

NovaStor DataCenter Datasheet

This is a quick reference sheet for the NovaStor DataCenter product.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise Datasheet

This is a quick reference sheet for the NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise product.

White Papers

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How does NovaStor xSP protect your customers' data from Cryptolocker?

Learn more about the malware Cryptolocker and how to protect your customers' business critical data using NovaStor xSP.

Successful Positioning Of A Managed Backup Service

NovaStor examines the strategies that Managed Service providers employ to correctly position their services and explains how to effectively represent the value of your services, and identifying common mistakes that MSP's make

Backing up Data in the Private Cloud

Meeting the Challenges of Remote Data Protection: Requirements and Best Practices

Cloud Backup: Getting Started

This paper is intended for Managed Service Providers, Value Added Resellers, IT solution providers and System Integrators who are offering, or are interested in offering backup and recovery as a service

Managed Services: How to Adapt to the Channel Model of the Future

This paper will provide an assesment of the challenges facing the IT channel and will describe how IT resellers can transform the growing demand for managed services from a threat into a key opportunity for future business success.

Online Backup Survival Guide

This whitepaper is dedicated to helping you run a successful online backup business.

Mitigaing the Risks of a Ransomware Attack!

Learn more about the ransomware like Cryptolocker and how to protect your business critical data using NovaStor DataCenter.

How to backup data to Amazon S3 using Amazon’s AWS Storage Gateway

NovaStor's whitepepaer explains how to setup NovaStor DataCenter to backup data to Amazon S3 using Amazon’s AWS Storage Gateway.

Mistakes to Avoid with Virtual Machine Backup

NovaStor's whitepaper introduces you to virtual machine backup and offers best practices to help you avoid critical data loss.

Reducing Backup & Restore Windows with Multistreaming

NovaStor's whitepaper highlights how to protect large and growing data loads with a limited budget.

Green IT: Energy Efficient Data Backup

NovaStor's whitepaper introduces you to energy efficient data backup.

NovaStor & NIMBOXX: Software Defined Data Center and challenges regarding Backup

NovaStor's technology brief introduces you to software defined datacenter and challenges regarding backup

NovaBACKUP® Installation Guide

This guide will get you up and installed fast. It has the basic steps to getting the software on your system.

NovaBACKUP® Quick Start Guide

This guide is designed to help you setup your first backup job using our backup wizard.

NovaBACKUP® User Manual

This is the general NovaBACKUP User Manual.

NovaBACKUP® 18.7 Release Notes

NovaBACKUP 18.7 Release Notes.

NovaBACKUP® 18.7 System Requirements

System Requirements