Education IT and Backup:
It’s Getting Serious

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Tough Backup Challenges, Tough Decisions

It was crunch time for Jason Miller, IT director at a private college. He sat at his desk staring at the report screen. Backup Exec had done it again – an incremental SQL backup didn’t run for the third night in a row and the Exchange backup displayed obscure errors.

No backup solution was perfect. But on top of this, Backup Exec wouldn’t run 100% on Windows Server 2012 R2 for another four months. Jason had to renew by June, long before Symantec was supposed to fix the problem. He didn’t want to get roped into another year but the thought of switching backup systems made his head hurt.

Jason needed something fast, reliable and affordable, and he needed it now. Was that even possible? The backup had to support upgraded Win Server right out the gate. Performance had to be there – backup couldn’t choke on big volumes of rich assets that the kids in Digital Arts were always creating. One of the professors was making noises about mounting an online exhibition with interactive displays and digitized content. Whatever backup he chose had to handle all of that and more – databases, payroll, HR, student data, reams of Office docs.

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datacenter for enterprise

Does this sound like you?

Data is growing, and so are the expectations for keeping data safe. Meanwhile you have less and less time to spend babysitting backup software, and less budget dollars to work with. Administrators are pushing systems to their limit, and sent to far away call centers for support when problems arise.

  • Data is Rapidly Growing
  • Lack of New Budget dollars
  • Being expected to do it all
  • Horrible tech support experiences

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Fixed Costs - Fixed Budget.

Have you invested in a backup solution only to be hit with additional expenses for plugins and features that should have been included? NovaBACKUP DataCenter includes all options including SQL, Exchange, Virtual Machines and more. You're armed with plenty of room for growth, using the hardware that you feel is best suited.

NovaBACKUP DataCenter provides you:

  • Cost stability for long term budget planning
  • Hardware independence: your choice of technologies
  • "All-inclusive" licensing - no surprises

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NovaBACKUP DataCenter

What makes DataCenter different?

DataCenter offers enterprise backup technology in the format that is friendly to public sector institutions. Jobs are easily defined and managed centrally by a single administrator, with installation and support provided by qualified technicians located right here in the USA.

NovaBACKUP DataCenter provides you:

  • Multithreading for large data loads (multiple jobs at once - 32 streams per node!)
  • Distributed architecture - use the power of any available server
  • GUI - intuitive interface modeled on enterprise scenarios
  • Installation - Fast and easy, guided by NovaStor
  • Reporting - detailed & specific information
  • Support - Local support from experienced engineers

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