Don't wait for an emergency to discover that your virtual machine backup has failed.

In recent years, virtualization has evolved into a broadly accepted and standardized technology. It equips users with unprecedented flexibility, improved scalability, and more efficient use of resources. With the growth of data stored per physical hardware unit, however, the downtime of one physical server can multiply as the number of hosted virtual servers' increases.

As multiple virtual machines run on a single piece of hardware, the possibility of failure raises the risk of exponential data loss. This makes the protection of every physical machine all the more critical to any properly implemented virtualization strategy.

Virtual environments raise a number of concerns that should be taken into account prior to selecting your backup solution.

This whitepaper:

  • introduces basic strategies for protecting virtual machines
  • outlines the potential pitfalls of virtual machine backup
  • lays out a guideline for defining a successful backup strategy
  • provides best practice recommendations

NovaBACKUP DataCenter

Data Protection for Heterogeneous Environments

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