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Conditions for Upgrade to Version 15


Valid NovaCare Premium

Valid NovaCare Advanced1

No Valid NovaCare Advanced or Premium2

Version 14

Free Update* Free Upgrade* Free Upgrade*

Version 13.x,

Free Upgrade* Free Upgrade* Paid Upgrade**

Version 12.0 or older

Free Upgrade* Free Upgrade* New License***

1 with the New Version 14, NovaCare Advanced will no longer be sold. You can renew your NovaCare Plan, but in order to profit from full support benefits, we encourage you to switch to NovaCare Premium for special pricing.
* To receive free upgrades/updates just download the latest executable and start leveraging great new features. Your key serves to activate version 14 without limitation.
** Partners with versions v13, who do not have NovaCare, may upgrade to the latest version for our special price by using the upgrade path above. Just enter your key and find out about your available options.
*** Version 12 customers are no longer applicable for upgrades. You will need to buy a new license to benefit from version 14.

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