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NovaBACKUP 13.1 : Peak Performance

With the ongoing Olympic games, it’s time to celebrate speed, fitness, and performance. NovaBACKUP v13.1, released on July 17th, 2012 comes along at a perfect time.

Backups are faster than ever with our latest enhancements And with the new data retention features, you control the size, space and efficiency of your data storage files.

Outperforming the competition by wider and wider margins, NovaBACKUP is the smart choice for backup and restoration of your important data. It’s faster, fitter, and better than ever.


Faster Backups

  • With new compression methods and multi-core processor optimization, NovaBACKUP 13.1 ran 5X faster in same-system testing.
  • Reduce backup times by 80% or more
  • With multi-core systems, speed are even more dramatic!
  • Software load time is now 3X faster or more.
  • Achieve faster backups and start saving time today!

Retention Management for a lower system load

  • Reduce the system load and increase the stability of your system.
  • Decide how long you keep your backups and how many versions of a backup you need to maintain.

True Universal Restore

  • Industry-Best Disaster Recovery. Restore to any system, even dissimilar hardware
  • NovaBACKUP 13 turns system recovery on dissimilar hardware into a reliable and smooth process. In contrast to other software vendors, NovaStor fuels Universal Restore and Bare Metal Recovery with Microsoft's original Win PE.
  • Recover Complete Systems in less than 30 minutes
  • Higher availability of critical systems
  • No extra fee for NovaStor's Universal Restore

Bare Metal Recovery with Microsoft's original Win PE

  • Reliable and easy restore with original Microsoft technology
  • 100% Windows drivers compatible
  • Ease-of-use with a Microsoft based process
  • Microsoft provides the best built- in Windows driver support and constantly updates the system with the latest drivers available. Therefore, recovering a Windows system based on WinPE is the most reliable and successful system recovery. Recovering a Windows system on new hardware with a Linux based environment will inevitably cause problems, for example when SATA systems are in use etc.
  • Save yourself this unreliable process from now on!

Full, incremental and differential image

  • Fast and resource-efficient imaging fitting your requirements
  • Saves storage space
  • Reduces system load
  • Flexibility in backup strategies

Backup and restore encrypted hard drives and other system-specific properties

  • Different image backup modes ensure that NovaBACKUP will also support special system setups like for example encrypted hard drives.
  • Increases availability of encrypted systems

All inclusive license model

  • Full-fledged business protection without any hidden fees
  • Full Windows server protection including MS SQL/Exchange and agentless backup of unlimited virtual machines, based on VMware and Hyper-V for 299.95 only with NovaBACKUP Business Essentials.
  • Protect physical and virtual machines with a single license and one application

Very easy to setup and manage

  • Even non-technical customers are able to setup the software and easily manage their backups/restores
  • Simple plug & play storage media, no need to setup a dedicated backup or media server
  • Simple & Advanced Mode user interface always provides best usability depending on the knowledge level of the customer
  • Wizards guide users step-by-step through all processes
  • Full automation – Set up and forget

Vendor independent Online Backup for offsite protection

  • Free choice between Amazon S3, FTP Servers, or one of NovaStor's certified Cloud Backup Service Providers
  • Customers choose their provider and know where and how their data is stored

NovaCare Support

  • Individual Email and Telephone Support combined with free upgrade protection for total peace of mind
  • Unlimited personal support and qualified answers at an affordable yearly fee
  • Different NovaCare package choices to best support your needs.
  • Local support from Germany and USA

Central Management

  • Central Management for all backup installations.
  • Company-wide backup and restore management
  • Central management and monitoring of worldwide installations and users from a standard web-browser.
  • Manage backup and restore as a service quickly, easily and with an investment of less than 200 Euro
  • Set up and automate backup jobs remotely from your office
  • Management and monitoring of any local or distributed NovaBACKUP installation from everywhere via standard web-browser.
  • No VPN required managing NovaBACKUP installations in different locations.
  • NovaBACKUP runs all scheduled backup jobs even when disconnected from the CMC and synchronizes with the CMC after the connection has been reestablished
  • Additional users with individual permissions and roles can be created
  • Supports VAR's to earn money by offering managed services