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Overview of NovaStor DataCenter

Simple, Reliable Network Backup for Windows and Linux

NovaStor DataCenter provides a direct, no-nonsense UI that powers one of the fastest, most scalable Windows and Linux network backup software solutions available. DataCenter offers local and offsite, vendor-neutral backup with unified central management for virtual and physical machines and … it won't break the bank!

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"Our support team is the best in the industry, offering customers local, in-house support from technical engineers who know our products, understand the complexities of backup, and can offer your IT team the help they need to get all your mission critical data matter how complex the environment."
Mike Andrews
Managing Director at NovaStor

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Core Features

  • Centralized backup of networked data
  • Physical and virtual backups
  • VMware and Hyper-V single file restore
  • Unified image backup server
  • Disaster recovery with universal restore
  • Bare metal recovery for Linux (ReaR)
  • Failover media pools
  • Logical cloning
  • Granular Restore for SQL and Exchange
  • Multistreaming and parallel backups
  • Redundant meta data management
  • Fault tolerance architecture
  • All-inclusive licensing model
  • Free installation, setup and support

Key Supported Environments

  • Windows and Linux
  • Hyper-V and VMware
  • Applications and databases
  • All common media storage
  • Tape libraries and autoloaders
  • Dynamic tape drive sharing
  • Backup-to-Disk, Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape, Virtual Tape Library
  • Multi-tenancy management
  • Restores from alternate device
  • Clusters for less downtime
  • Local and offsite cloud backup

Having a backup solution that includes all features and options and support you need from the beginning eliminates headaches in the end. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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We've really been impressed by the multiplexing technology, which has essentially cut our backup times in half. It’s been much faster than Netvault, and the DataCenter solution feels more developed for tape. The local technical support has also been fantastic, any time I have a question the response has generally been 20 minutes or less.”

Chris Niewiarowski
Senior IT Administrator, Ex'Pression College.

NovaStor support has really impressed us with their dedication in resolving difficult issues. To make a long story short, NovaStor support worked with the NAS engineers and helped them uncover a bug in their firmware that was the cause of the failing backups. Since the firmware bug was fixed and implemented, our backups to the new NAS have been working without a hitch.”

Sean Staats
System Administrator, Gene by Gene, Ltd.

I enjoyed having a direct line to NovaStor’s knowledgeable technical support team. Our prior backup software provider had me explain everything to junior team members before connecting me to the people who could solve the issue.”

Michael Steeber
Administrator, US Internet

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