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Backup Your Data Center
and Hosted Servers!

Protect the servers residing in your data center! NovaStor's backup and restore solution can scale to support and centrally manage environments with thousands of servers in one or more locations. Generate "peace of mind" and revenues with pricing models designed to suit how you do business.

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NovaBACKUP DataCenter

Provide Online Backup

Backup and restore your customer's data over the Internet! NovaStor offers reliable, scalable and secure online backup platforms and expert advice for providing a successful service.

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NEW NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.2

  • Full Network Backup System including cross platform support (Linux, Windows, etc.)
  • All Options Included — support for SQL 2014, Exchange 2013, DR, Tape Library D2D2T, storage appliances and more
  • Manage all systems (Windows, Linux, VMware and Hyper-V) through a single interface
  • Multistreaming technology for fast backups and limited backup windows
  • Scalable and reliable, accommodating environments as they grow in complexity