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Windows Server Protection for the Rest of Us.
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NovaBACKUP Business Essentials is the only professional backup solution that securely protects all types of business data and application files – without add-ons or plugins. Over 70% of small businesses either don’t backup their data at all or fail to adequately protect their most important asset through proper backup. 

Considering that most small businesses don’t have a dedicated IT person on staff or the time necessary to learn and implement an adequately backup plan for their data, this statistic is “almost” understandable…but no longer an acceptable excuse.

Your excuses STOP here. Your data is so important, that NovaStor is dedicated to removing any obstacle or excuse that is keeping you from making the decision to move forward. 

  • Price – you will not find a comparable value.
  • Fear – You can’t go wrong with a backup expert on your side to advise you, so you make the right decision for your environment.
  • No IT – A NovaStor professional will be available to install and set up your first backup.  
  • No Time – Everything is automated so you can focus on your business, not your backup plan.

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local, expert  consultant

Time is on your side

Save time. NovaStor’s team of local, expert consultant’s help you develop a backup plan, pick the solution that is right for you, and helps you implement it, so you can protect all your critical data in just minutes per week.

One Solution One price

One Solution/One price

One price covers everything you need to run a successful backup for your small business.  Protects all business files and application data from leading solutions including Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, VMware and Hyper-V.

local support

Unmatched Support. You’re not alone.

NovaStor trained professionals go the extra mile to help you every step of the way, from installation, to setting up your first backup, to the rare moments when need to call technical support. This unheard of support, is included with the software and is available at no extra charge.

microsoft ready

Always Microsoft-Ready. Full Windows Server 12 Support.

NovaBACKUP is always Microsoft-ready. Unlike other competitive solutions, support for the latest OS comes standard.  Don’t be left waiting on empty promises from solutions like Backup Exec to support the latest OS.

Local and Online Backup

Local & Online Backup for Industry Best Practices

To maintain best practices for Windows Backup, use a combination of local and online backup. Use local backup devices such as external hard drives, USB media, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray, tape drives, NAS, FTP, etc. for quick restore access and mirror image disaster recovery. Then push critical, irreplaceable data to the cloud for offsite redundancy ...with 2GB FREE online cloud storage and completely scalable options.

Includes Virtual Support for Free

Full Disaster Recovery (Image Backup) for Hard Drive Failure Protection

If your hard drive crashes, we’ve got you covered. Disaster Recovery creates an image backup of your computer; an exact copy of your old system including the operating system, applications, data, preferences, and email settings. This allows you to recover everything exactly as it was on your old hard drive onto a new computer, even with dissimilar hardware.

SQL and Exchange Backup Software

Completely Secure, Virus-Free Backups

NovaBACKUP offers secure government-grade data backup and disaster recovery with 256-bit AES encryption. To ensure that your data backups are free from viruses, NovaBACKUP also runs a virus-scan on your data.

Easy-to-Use Backup and Restore Software Interface

Fast Backup Speeds. 4x Faster Backups than Competition.

As part of your backup plan, you can use automatic scheduling to update your backups with bit level incremental or differential changes in-between your full backups. This makes for super-fast backups, 4 times faster than the competition.

All of Our Best Features in One Product

Includes Phone Support and Upgrades.

With NovaCare Premium, we’re here to help you when and where you need it. You get direct access to live technical phone support and free upgrades to the newest features and support for the latest operating systems.
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