NovaCare Support and Upgrade Protection

NovaCare offers ongoing access to NovaStor's technical support team via phone or email, as long as the customers' NovaCare plan or product subscription remains active. NovaCare also includes upgrade protection, giving customers with active NovaCare access to the latest version of their NovaBACKUP products.

Please Note: NovaCare Basic plans are no longer available.

NovaCare can be renewed at any time as long as your NovaCare plan remains active.

If your NovaCare expired less than 30 days ago, NovaStor offers a grace period to renew your NovaCare. You will need to select a product to renew your NovaCare for, then enter your license key to verify your renewal eligibility in the shopping cart. If you do not know when your NovaCare expired, please check your NovaCare status to verify your NovaCare expire date.

Additional Options

One-time Support Options

If your NovaCare has expired and you need phone support, you can purchase a per-incident support call, for technical assistance, installation support or backup restoration support for any supported product.