VMware Backup Best Practices 2011

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The trend of virtualization continues to  grow this year faster than it has before. Virtualization isn’t just an enterprise level backup solution anymore, as more and more small businesses are turning to desktop virtualization to save money and to easily automate backups. There are many different strategies to consider and planning your backup procedure is key.

Consider Factors That Affect Performance

While planning your backup strategy, be sure to evaluate a variety of components in your environment and identify which components are most likely to become bottlenecks whenever you perform backups. Factors to consider include:

  • Number of virtual machines: The more virtual machines you have to backup, the larger your backup infrastructure must be.
  • Amount of data: The total size of the data you are backing up is very important when planning specifications and requirements for your backup infrastructure.

Decide on Incremental or Differential Backups

In addition to a full backup performed weekly or bi-weekly, combine it with either an incremental or differential backup.  Depending on where you place your importance will be your deciding factor when choosing which method to go with. If you’re looking to save time and cost-conscious on the process then an incremental partial backup would suffice. If you want to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to restore your data during disaster recovery then a differential backup would be best.

Implement Future Backup Testing Procedures

Yes, it does happen. That daily backup you’ve been performing was either 1. not backing up anything at all, or 2. not backing up all the files you thought it was. Ironically, it always seems to backup everything except the stuff that’s irreplaceable. So with that said, test your procedures. Test your disaster recovery and the data that you are able to restore. Think of “What if” scenarios and any hypothetically situation where data loss can occur. Can you prevent it from happening with foresight, if not are you prepared to be able to recover all the data?

Backup, recovery, and migration are common place for any admin, but without the proper tools these tasks become harder than they should be. Careful strategic planning and automation of backups is essential in having a smooth operating 2011. VMware backup software like NovaBACKUP Virtual Edition makes backing up virtual machines quite easy.

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