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NovaStor Blog

Backup Migration Considerations

by Sean Curiel, on Jul 30, 2018 2:36:18 PM


You’ve got a right to be worried. Your company’s data is at stake, and there’s few assets that are more important to a business. Usually organizations don’t opt to change backup solutions because they want to, rather it’s more likely that they’ve been forced into the situation due to a specific issue.

Possible Reasons for Backup Migration

  1. Organization has adopted new technologies that backup cannot support
  2. Backup solution is no longer supported (tech support / software updates)
  3. Current solution is too slow / not completing within backup window
  4. Current solution is unable to scale as business data footprint grows

Maybe you haven’t even settled on your new backup solution yet, and that’s ok. There’s plenty of preparatory work that can be accomplished in the meantime.


The first thing to do is take a long hard look at what you’ve been doing for backup, regardless of whether it’s meeting your needs or not. Do you know where all your data is currently stored and is your backup process with the current solution properly documented? A process should be in place which separates data for critical operations from data destined for long term storage. And about data retention, is it time to make adjustments to ensure regulatory compliance?

You’re also going to want to analyze your current hardware, bandwidth and storage infrastructure and decide if it is going to meet the needs of your new solution. If moving data to the cloud is new territory for you, then significant cost analysis and testing may be in order.

Testing and Training

When we talk about testing, it goes well beyond making sure the new solution meets your minimum requirements. A period of training gives system administrators an opportunity to get comfortable with the new solution which will be absolutely necessary when it comes time to replicating old backup routines and building new ones in this environment.

two_roads_smOf course there are many more things to think about when it comes time to make changes to your backup.

Download NovaStor’s Tips for Migrating Backup Solutions today for a closer look at the things you should be thinking about well in advance.


NovaStor’s team of backup engineers are work side-by-side with system administrators, assisting with backup solution migrations so that you are never left to “go it alone”.

Start testing NovaStor's DataCenter solution in your environment today.

Sean Curiel

Written by Sean Curiel.
Sean is a marketing expert serving NovaStor's DataCenter and NovaBACKUP  communities. The views expressed are his own. Learn more about NovaStor's network backup software.

Categories:Pre-Sales QuestionsTips and Tricks

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