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Setting up GIR disk pool for data storage
To be able to restore individual files from virtual machines, the backup must be saved on a GIR (Granular Item Recovery) disk pool. These steps describe how such a disk pool is set up.
A GIR disk pool operates within a directory to which the backup server must have read and write access.
Opening dialog
Go to Media Management > Storage Management.
The Storage Management window is opened.
Under Backup Servers, select the disk pool. In the shortcut menu, click Create disk pool.
The New Disk Pool dialog is opened.
Selecting pool type
Select GIR-Disk Pool.
Entering name of GIR disk pool
Enter a name for the GIR disk pool, e.g. GIR-DiskPool1.
Selecting directory to use as storage location for the backups
Under Directory > E:\NovaBackup or  > Browse, select the drive and directory for the data backup.
You can also enter the UNC path to a network drive or the path to an NFS mount. To create a new directory, enter * and then select it. The selected directory is displayed in the file browser window.
The two attributes Name and Directory are sufficient to create a GIR disk pool. However, you have the option to define additional attributes such as Schedule and Retention Periods.
Confirm by clicking [OK].
Selected directories can be used for other GIR disk pools.
The new GIR disk pool GIR-DiskPool1 is created and added to the Backup Servers > Disk Pools list.