NovaStor Press Releases

  • On January 16, 2019, the international data backup and recovery software company, NovaStor Corporation, will host a free webinar to help IT Administrators develop and present the best arguments to their boss on purchasing software.

    NovaStor’s top backup expert Nathan Fouarge will provide advice on budgeting and cost apprehensions, concerns over time to backup and restore, time to implement, scaling, compliance risks, and more.

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  • DataCenterNovaStor® DataCenter’s new product features expands the Central Monitoring console into a more robust single pain of glass, where IT Administrators can oversee and manage all backups from one powerful, centralized location, limiting guesswork by detecting and notifying administrators of issues before they erupt into true problems.

    Built for ease of use, NovaStor’s DataCenter can administer all backup jobs from a single screen – whether from Windows or Linux environments, virtual or physical machines, across all systems.

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  • Novastor and AparaviNovaStor® and Aparavi® Announce Partnership for New Solution: Archive Data in the Cloud. NovaStor’s Active Archive introduces Aparavi’s award winning technology to enhance traditional backup for better long-term data retention and archive in the cloud.

    NovaStor and Aparavi today announced a partnership to expand NovaStor’s portfolio with Aparavi’s Active Archive™. The result is NovaStor Active Archive™, an archive solution that allows an organization to securely bring their data to the cloud, reducing the effort and time needed to protect and retain business critical data.

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