New DataCenter Features Available

Improved Diagnostic Communications Resolves Issues and Minimizes Guesswork for IT Admins

NovaStor DataCenter’s new product features expands the Central Monitoring console into a more robust single pain of glass, where IT Administrators can oversee and manage all backups from one powerful, centralized location, limiting guesswork by detecting and notifying administrators of issues before they erupt into true problems.

DataCenterBuilt for ease of use, NovaStor’s DataCenter can administer all backup jobs from a single screen – whether from Windows or Linux environments, virtual or physical machines, across all systems – while also allowing the supervision of multiple departments and users requiring unique rights and access privileges coordinated through a centralized management system. These features make NovaStor’s DataCenter a true center of command. For example, the new 1-Click Diagnostic Collector gathers all NovaStor and System Logs of the selected system and stores them to a handy ZIP file container where IT Administrators can then identify and solve data backup glitches in one location, with just one click.

The simplified backup management and reporting feature improves monitoring functionality and provides simple, clear global reports narrowed down to multiple levels of detail, giving IT Administrators referenceable historical data, again all from a centralized location.

By funneling all backup jobs through one location, NovaStor’s DataCenter minimizes operational costs, reduces backup and restore times, and frees up administrators to focus on other IT tasks.

For a complete list of new features, visit the NovaStor DataCenter product page here:

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