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NovaStor’s award-winning data backup software combines with Buffalo’s world-class NAS technology to create a powerful, proven BDR solution with Central Monitoring capabilities.

Designed for small to medium-sized MSPs who want to offer their customers backup and disaster recovery protection without a high price tag.

NovaStor’s award-winning backup software is included for free, along with hard drives in each Buffalo device.

Buffalo bundle offer

Buffalo NovaStor Bundle Offers:

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

Typically, BDR solutions can be expensive and may be difficult to justify when dealing with tight budgets, but, after a disaster, rebuilding a system from scratch is extensive and time-consuming. That isn’t the case with the Buffalo NovaStor solution. With the NovaStor software Buffalo NAS bundle you get:

  • Streamlined DR image backups…so you always have an exact duplicate copy of your entire system
  • Data restores to:
    – the same location
    – to an entirely new system with dissimilar hardware
    – to a virtual machine
  • The ability to power-on the backup VHDs for temporary usage in any Buffalo Desktop 6 Bay and RackMount 4 bay units
  • TWO BDR options:
    – BDR to a Windows Server using the NAS as storage
    – BDR to Buffalo’s Windows Storage Server Terastation

Central Monitoring

Designed to make your life easier when backing up your data, the NovaStor Central Monitoring dashboard is one centralized location to monitor all backups simultaneously. The robust dashboard allows you to:

  • Sort backups by the data of your choice
  • Drill down to a more detailed view
  • View in a color-coded structure to see any potential problems

The Central Monitoring feature is a great way to manage all your customers from a single interface…without having to spend time or money to go onsite.

central monitoring


Managing VM backups doesn’t need to include overly complex interfaces, steep learning curves or outrageous investments. The Buffalo NovaStor bundles support both Hyper-V and VMware backup. A few of the features included in your bundle are:

  • Single File Restore – Maximum flexibility for single file restore for Hyper-V and VMware. Split screen for image and target for simultaneous viewing.
  • Restore on Different VM – Restore files from VMware or Hyper-V backups on a different NovaStor client.
  • Flexible Hardware Restore – Transparent support of VMware datastores allows for the selection of a target datastore when restoring.
  • VMware Replication – Replicate virtual machines for high-availability of time-critical systems. Configure version history to easily roll-back to the appropriate version for recovery.
  • One-Step Restore – Synthetic one-step VM restore: The virtual machine is restored in a single pass – regardless of the number of previous backups.
  • Hyper-V Cluster – In addition to VMware vCenter support, our DataCenter software also supports backup and restoration in a Hyper-V cluster.
  • Provisioning Adjustments – Allows for reconfiguration of virtual disks on VMware to more efficiently use disk space on the datastore. For example, switching from thick to thin provisioning.

No Vendor Lock-In

Unlike other options on the market, this bundle does not lock you or your customers in to the appliance or the cloud. This is the alternative to customers seeking a relief from expensive cloud solutions while still maintaining data integrity.

buffalo terastation

FREE with Terastations

Network Storage for Business

Each Buffalo Terastation comes with 10 NovaStor Buffalo edition PC fully-functioning backup software licenses and NovaStor Buffalo edition fully functioning server backup software license

buffalo linkstation

FREE with Linkstations

Network Storage for Home

Each Buffalo Linkstation comes with 5 NovaStor Buffalo edition PC fully-functioning backup software licenses

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