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GID Inc. is the partner for FAST LTA in North America

GID Inc. is the partner for FAST LTA in North America

Moving data securely just became easier. With Fast LTA’s Silent Brick’s ability to physically move data between data centers (and from a data center to the cloud) and with NovaStor’s ability to secure that data through back up prior to and after the move, relocating your data is now safer or simpler. Designed for big data but applicable to smaller data moves and everything in between, the Silent Brick/NovaStor bundle is one powerful solution.

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Silent Brick NovaStor Bundle Offers


The larger the amount of data, the sooner weaknesses show up. Where other backup solutions reach their limits, NovaStor DataCenter is taking off. The distributed system architecture and relieving the central database achieve high data throughput and reduce the network load with maximum stability. Multistreaming and Multiplexer backups accelerate backup and restore many times over.


NovaStor DataCenter linearly scales from hundreds to thousands of servers while remaining easy to manage. For example, deploying backup jobs on an unlimited number of systems in a single step. High fault tolerance, failover mechanisms, and comprehensive automation minimize disruption and management overhead for the growing backup environment.


Digital worlds cross national borders. Whether companies act locally or globally – they must comply with legal requirements and internal guidelines alike. NovaStor DataCenter protects personal and tax-related content as well as your intellectual property. The measures range from protection against unauthorized access to avoiding data loss due to unreadable media.


NovaStor DataCenter supports all storage manufacturers and optimizes the performance of current storage technologies. When backing up to magnetic tape, NovaStor’s software combines energy-efficient offline storage with high backup and restore speeds. Licensing and service models reduce backup and archiving costs permanently.

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