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Cloud Backup Software

Reduce your total cost of ownership, gain agility and global scalability with hybrid cloud backup.

Hybrid cloud backup

Backing up to cloud destinations has become a critical piece of most organization’s strategy to continually and automatically protect their critical data.

Hybrid cloud backup combines both onsite local backups with offsite cloud backups, providing a platform for more secure data protection and recovery that follows best-practices.

NovaStor's cloud backup solutions allow you to securely host your (or your clients) data in the cloud. Our solution offers true hybrid backup, utilizing both local and offsite storage on cloud-based servers, be it your own servers, NovaStor hosted servers or public clouds.

Centrally monitor backup jobs for all of your offices/branches/clients remotely from a single pain of glass. Our multi-tenancy platform gives you the access you need with fast data transfer speeds and end-to-end encryption, so your data is always secure. Request your demo with a backup expert now.


Why host your data offsite in the cloud?

Unlimited scalability and flexibility

NovaStor enables any organization to maintain local and offsite cloud backup by hosting their own Private Cloud Backup Server (or NovaStor hosted) at the location of their choice. Remote data can be securely transmitted online to a server that is maintained within your organization’s firewall. To meet the needs of your business, you can also utilize public clouds like Backblaze or Wasabi.

NovaStor offers cloud backup solutions which allow any sized company to centrally monitor and secure distributed workplaces, servers and virtual environments and quickly scale to meet business demands, without the need for multiple backup administrators. For organizations who want to offload some of the heavy-lifting associated with managing in-house data protection and recovery, turn to one of our MSP partners.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can take on the backup administration and recovery responsibilities for their clients, offering backup as a service. Using our solution, MSPs can host customers data in their own datacenter (or NovaStor hosted), and create a recurring revenue stream for themselves. Learn more about our MSP program



Flexible Cloud Backup

Cloud storage offers affordable secondary storage for offsite backups.


Some organizations are not able to utilize the public cloud due to security, bandwidth limitations or uptime requirements. The private cloud offers the advantage of greater privacy, flexibility, scalability,  and control over your data. With a private cloud, you can deploy company-wide security polities to reduce the risk of data loss. With military-grade end-to-end encryption, data can be securely transferred over the internet. Hybrid cloud backup allows for the best of both worlds: you can store non-sensitive data in a public cloud, while keeping confidential data private.

Security of Cloud Backup


Global data availability and fast restores ensures higher productivity of field staff and branch offices. The cloud provides the ability to get your data onto nearline storage where it can be quickly accessed from anywhere. The movement of data to and from the cloud can be a relatively automated process; which adds a convenience factor that is appealing to many IT Professionals. Private clouds can also be built to meet the specific requirements, needs and goals of a single organization. Whereas public clouds offers tremendous flexibility at an affordable price tag.

Availability of Cloud Backup


The scalability of the cloud is limitless. With the cloud, you don't have to predict future capacity requirements; if you need more resources or capacity, they can quickly be added. At the virtual layer, scaling is as simple as deploying and configuring a new cloud server. The cloud allows for instantaneous adjustments, with the click of a mouse. Customers can add users, applications, increase storage and manage their backups locally or globally. Scalability in the cloud changes everything when it comes to IT management of cloud backups.

Scalability of Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup FAQs

Cloud backup for MSPs and organizations looking to host their own private cloud.

MSP Cloud Backup

Questions for MSPs looking to host their client data in their private cloud servers or NovaStor hosted cloud servers.

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Hybrid Cloud Backup

Questions for organizations looking for a hybrid cloud backup platform to host their own cloud servers or utilize the NovaStor hosted cloud or public cloud.

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Are you a Managed Service Provider?

NovaStor's Partner Program allows MSPs to earn reoccurring revenue by offering their clients cloud backup and archiving services.

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