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We help overwhelmed and underfunded IT Admins alleviate their backup pains.

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About NovaStor

We help overwhelmed and underfunded IT Admins alleviate their backup pains

NovaStor - your specialist for data protection solutions

At NovaStor, we offer backup pain relief to overwhelmed and underfunded IT Admins. While we are a solutions provider of backup, restore and archive software, we also provide service and support that is unmatched in the industry. 

We understand that you don't have time to focus on backup every day, but we do. Think of NovaStor as an extension of your IT team. With 20+ years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you keep your data protected. 

From initial contact, to on-going operations, our backup experts will be there to support you. We take a people-first approach to backup ... where YOU come first. That means, you can count on us to answer the phone when you call, listen to what you say, act swiftly to help, and provide you with the support you need to solve your backup and restore problems.

Whether software, service or support - NovaStor deliver quality, stability, performance and reliability.


Our service promise

We stand behind our customers and our software, taking a personal responsibility for protection and safety of your data. We are only satisfied when our customers and partners can rely 100% on their data backups.

Our goals

  • To alleviate your backup pains, with high-performance software and professional support you can rely on.
  • To share our backup expertise for the benefit of our customers and partners.
  • To deliver (hardware/storage neutral) software solutions that meet the needs of our customers and partners.
  • To provide software that is distinguished by its quality, stability, and performance.

Our value proposition

NovaStor combines products and services delivered by experts who position and assist our customers and partners to achieve ongoing success with their data protection strategies.

  • US-Based: Product developed and supported from California
  • Service: Expert availability through entire relationship lifecycle
  • Competence: Decades of in-house data protection expertise
  • Pragmatism: Solving pain points efficiently and economically
  • Experience: Thousands of successful product integrations
  • Responsibility: Delivering what we promise
  • Reliability: It just works!

Success in Numbers

Companies and MSPs across various industries and sizes rely on NovaStor for backing up their data.
Installations of NovaStor DataCenter alone
of secured data
Years on the Market

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