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Solutions by Systems and Infrastructure

Cloud Backup

Backup your data in the cloud

Backing up to cloud destinations has become a critical piece of an organization’s strategy to continually and automatically protect their critical data. Modern backup solutions must be able to seamlessly integrate local backup destinations, cloud backup, replication capability and fail-over media pools to offer both fast access to data and redundancy. NovaStor's cloud backup solutions do that and more.

NovaStor allows organizations to participate in a wide range of cloud backup strategies, with public cloud-based servers (like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), private clouds and NovaStor hosted cloud. NovaStor’s software provides additional features like local backup including universal restore to dissimilar hardware which goes above and beyond standard cloud backup functionality.

  • Manage all backup and restore jobs from a single pane of glass
  • Fast data transfers speeds achieved by uploading just block-level changes
  • FastBit technology for bandwidth-optimized data transfers
  • 256-bit AES military grade end-to-end encryption for full security
  • Data files, databases and entire systems protected with granular level restore
  • Centralized monitoring and backup reporting capabilities
  • Cloud backup as a service offering for MSPs interested in hosting a private cloud
  • NovaStor hosted cloud backup with TB drive delivery available for large data restores
  • US-based tech support

With several options to choose from for Cloud backup, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your IT infrastructure and business needs.

Types of offsite cloud backup

Cloud backup allows you to safeguard your data against environmental or other factors that could damage an in-house storage method such as fire, floods, ransomware attack or theft. With the cloud, your data is stored at a cloud-based data center that is guarded with layers of protection and regular server backups, and can easily scale to meet your business needs. 

There are several different types of cloud, and understanding the various types will help you to better understand what type best fits your business needs.

Private cloud (also known as enterprise cloud) is cloud computing that is dedicated and accessible by a single organization, thus creating greater control, security and privacy while delivering the agility, scalability, and self-service found in a public cloud. With a private cloud, an organization (or MSP) is responsible for the cost and accountability of building out, managing and maintaining the IT infrastructure required to support the private cloud. While private cloud is often single-tenant, some private cloud platforms offer a multi-tenant architecture, allowing each tenant (group, department or office) to safely share their server space while each tenant's data remains inaccessible to all other tenants.

Public cloud is cloud computing that utilizes an independent third-party, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure, to host, manage and maintain the storage of your data in a multi-tenant environment that shares resources with other clients in the cloud. By pooling resources, the public cloud can offer affordable, pay-as-you-go online data storage that can easily scale to meet your business needs. The biggest concern with public cloud is security, reliability and regulatory compliance.

Hybrid Cloud is cloud computing that utilizes both private and public cloud services, with a management platform that spans these environments allowing data and applications to be shared between them.

NovaStor offers backup software platforms that support cloud architectures for public, private and hybrid cloud backup, including a NovaStor hosted cloud option. Our cloud backup solutions allow any sized company to centrally manage and secure distributed workplaces, servers and virtual environments - without breaking the bank. Our team of backup experts are here to help you determine what is the right fit for your business needs.

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Cloud Backup FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about our Cloud Backup solutions.

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