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NovaStor & NIMBOXX: Software Defined Data Center and backup challenges

by Josefine.Fouarge, on Jun 3, 2015 8:08:45 AM

Hyper Converged InfrastructureHyper-Converged Infrastructure is one of the big trends in 2015. But what exactly does ‘hyper-converged’ mean and what do you have to keep in mind when updating your infrastructure in regards to backup and restore?

What is a Hyper Converged Infrastructure?

With the current state of today’s IT the management of a network environment takes way too much time. Maintaining miscellaneous components throughout several interfaces requires an in depth knowledge of the deployed infrastructure and trained staff to run it. It’s almost impossible to plan and project future expansions. Costs for all kinds of hardware and software are unpredictable and diverse environment can result in poor performance and scalability issues. To prevent all of this from happening a new flexible concept had to be introduced.

Everything that used to be setup as standalone devices in the past is now integrated into one piece of hardware; that is what the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is. It combines compute, storage, networking, other resources, and adds management software to tie together all the components needed to run a complete datacenter. One unit provides enough resources to run a small network, and adding more units makes the infrastructure more stable, fault tolerant and reliable.

Technology Partner: NIMBOXX

NIMBOXX is one of the first vendors offering a hyper converged infrastructure. In mid-2014 the company introduced a hyper-scale data center model, offering the benefits enjoyed by large cloud vendors such as Google and Amazon, to companies of all sizes.

The NIMBOXX platform converges servers, storage, networking and security, helping organizations bridge the gap from legacy virtualization environments to an elastic compute platform. Key features include mesh-based scale out, dynamic storage orchestration, self-balancing workload heuristics, and a shared-nothing management model.

The NIMBOXX platform isn’t just a virtualization platform; it’s a software-defined data center in a box that makes elastic computing available to companies of any size.

  • Start with a single node, scale to hundreds
  • Choose any ratio of SSD-HDD to meet workload requirements for performance/capacity/price
  • Eliminate centralized SAN/NAS storage that wasn’t designed for today’s data requirements
  • Manage the entire solution from hardware to virtual machines in a single pane of glass
  • Enjoy performance that blows the doors off competitive solutions – in excess of 180,000 IOPS from a single node
  • Leverage workload-specific resource allocation to right-size resources for your environment
  • Reduce cost of ownership by 92% over today's virtualization solutions.

Backup Use Case

As a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure pursues another approach than the conventional network structure, every rule that was performing successfully in a regular network has to be re-assessed. To guarantee successful deployment both network infrastructures have to be online simultaneously for a certain amount of time.

But before starting to setup and configure your software defined datacenter make sure that the new solution integrates smoothly into your existing environment. Take a moment to fully consider your backup and restore requirements to prevent some of the common data protection challenges that we see.

Does your current backup software support the new technology?

Your backup software has to be able to back up the new software defined datacenter as reliably and comfortably as the current network environment. Both environments will run simultaneously for a certain amount of time. Having to spend hours configuring and troubleshooting or worse maintaining two different data protection solutions for both infrastructures can tremendously increase the project costs and resources needed.

Does your backup software vendor know about software defined datacenters?

Developing a data protection solution doesn’t necessarily qualify the backup software manufacturer to have experience in correctly addressing hyper-converged infrastructures and securely backing up your business critical data. If your backup manufacturer has already partnered with a vendor, whose focus is software defined datacenters, simplifies the implementation of the new technology and eases the usage for the customer.

Do the license costs stay within the limits of your project budget?

Changing anything inside a network environment can be costly. So wasting the budget for items that you will only use a short period of time is unnecessary. Is the licensing for a backup software either complicated or not determinable, because e.g. the licensing model contains hundreds of items? Than you might not be able to calculate your project costs correctly thus you will likely exceed the project budget.

After your project has been fully deployed and you shut down the old infrastructure you probably don’t need all your licenses anymore. A backup software developer that is flexible enough to adapt your licenses to the new environment helps you to secure even your future IT budget.

NovaStor DataCenter

With NovaStor DataCenter, NovaStor provides an easy to use and reliable software solution to protect heterogeneous IT environments with virtual and physical machines including Windows and Linux, VMWare and Hyper-V. NovaStor offers a platform and hardware agnostic solution that is maximizing flexibility and helping to reduce the costs for data protection.

Partnering with NIMBOXX enables NovaStor to provide a data protection solution for the upcoming technology and removes existing barriers to make software defined data centers accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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