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Setup Assistance

Remote installation and setup by backup experts

Free setup assistance and implementation

At NovaStor, we understand that many businesses are simply short staffed with too much to do and not enough hands to do it all. For those organizations that either don’t have the IT know-how to set up a comprehensive backup plan for their company, or the staff on-hand to help them set it up correctly, backing up their critical business data can feel a bit overwhelming. But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

With NovaStor, you get professional Setup Assistance. With our FREE Setup Assistance, you can leave the installation and backup configurations to us. No matter which NovaStor server solution you choose, the installation and setup is always included.



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Want to speak with backup expert about your environment and schedule a demo setup?

What to expect 

After your purchase (or request a demo with setup assistance), you make an appointment with one of our in-house technical support engineers to discuss your environment. When they call you for your appointment, they will ask you to download TeamViewer in order to assist you with remote desktop installation of your NovaStor software and do your backup configurations and setup while you watch and learn. 


  • Confidence knowing your backups are set up correctly
  • Opportunity to ask any questions you may have
  • Get your backups set up for your specific environment


  • One-on-one appointment with a backup expert
  • Learn about all of the important functions of NovaStor software during the product walk-through

With Setup Assistance you get the benefit of our backup expertise for everything from installation and setup, to custom backup configurations designed to fit your specific environment. You don’t have to be a backup expert with NovaStor on your side.

"With increasing backup volumes and increasingly complex IT infrastructure, data protection requirements are increasing, and we are aligning IT environments, analyzing vulnerabilities, defining goals, and aligning with IT and backup managers on our standard products, specific backup solutions that help our customers achieve their individual goals in the best possible way, beyond the conception, we accompany IT departments with implementation, operation and ongoing optimization."
Andreas Buschmann - Chief Backup Architect NovaStor
Andreas Buschmann
Chief Backup Architect at NovaStor

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Tell us the challenges you face. Based on your current IT and storage infrastructure and your goals, we recommend the best solution and setup for your environment. 


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Defining your needs
In a telephone consult, you describe your challenges and goals to our backup experts. We clarify your questions, document key data about your IT infrastructure and recommend the best solution for your environment.


Your demo with setup assistance
We setup a follow-up call to do your installation, setup and configuration as well as your demo and product walk-through for the software solution that best fits your needs.

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