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Business Backup Software and
Disaster Recovery Solutions

All-inclusive business backup solutions with unbeatable professional support

Find the right NovaStor solution for your business:

Enterprise Backup Software

Network Backup
Data backup for medium IT infrastructures

Centralized heterogeneous backup and restore of physical and virtual machines in one or more locations. Network backup for Windows and Linux environments to disk and tape for fast data availability and minimal resource requirements.


Enterprise Backup
Backup for high performance environments

Unlimited scalable enterprise backup software and data protection for very large quantities of unstructured data. Flexible, cost and energy efficient data backup and recovery for physical and virtual machines.


MSP and SMB Backup Software

Cloud Backup for MSPs
Local and cloud backup software for managed service providers

NovaBACKUP offers a backup and recovery platform for managed service providers (MSPs) looking to offer local and cloud backup as a service to their clients. 

SMB Backup
Local and cloud backup software for professional offices

NovaBACKUP offers secure SMB backup and disaster recovery software to professional offices looking to protect PCs, Servers, Virtual Machines and Applications.


Service Offerings

Professional Services
Service that goes above and beyond the industry standard

NovaStor knows that as an IT Administrator, every moment of your time is accounted for. We are dedicated to solving your critical data protection issues, helping to remove the burden of backup from your daily routine, and giving you professional services you need, so you don't have to face backup or recovery issues alone.

Setup Assistance
Installation and setup of our software in your environment

With NovaStor, you get professional setup assistance with a technical support engineer. Using remote desktop, our team will properly install and configure your software for you, perform a walk-through of the software, answer any questions you may have, and setup your first backups for you.

Systems and Infrastructure

Windows Server Backup
Protecting critical data and applications on Windows Servers

NovaStor offers comprehensive Windows Server Backup solutions to back up and quickly recover all your business data including individual files, applications, virtual environments, or your entire system including your OS – all centrally managed, with maximum flexibility for administrators.

Linux Server Backup
Intuitive Linux server backup solution with fast recovery

NovaStor offers a dependable Linux Server Backup solution that protects heterogeneous IT environments with virtual and physical machines including Linus - Ubuntu, Red Hat, SUSE Enterprise, Windows and more – all with centralized management.

Endpoint Backup
Endpoint backup for laptop and desktop computers

NovaStor provides a simple, yet powerful Endpoint Backup and recovery software solution for Windows-based desktops and laptops at the fastest speeds available. Our endpoint backup technology helps administrators secure data across multiple locations, regardless of bandwidth or device type. Your backup plans are not complete without endpoint backup.

SQL Server Backup
Advanced Microsoft SQL Server database backup

NovaStor’s SQL Backup technology offers application-consistent backup, providing the ability to capture and protect all data at the same time, including current memory contents. 

Exchange Server Backup
Microsoft Exchange Server backup and recovery

NovaStor offers powerful solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server backup that works discretely while Exchange services are running, without having to halt any services to complete. 

VMware Backup
Efficient backup for VMware vSphere virtual machines

NovaStor’s VMware backup software solutions allow you to backup, replicate, restore, manage and migrate your VMs with ease - while also centralizing management. You can protect all of your data on your vSphere VMs and meet your backup window with high-stability and reduced complexity.

Hyper-V Backup
Agentless VM backups on Hyper-V virtual machines

NovaStor's Hyper-V backup software solutions help organizations meet their recovery point objectives by restoring specific files, virtual machines and entire Hyper-V environments to their destinations of choice, without a complex learning curve.

Disaster Recovery
Complete system recovery for disaster recovery scenarios

With NovaStor’s Disaster Recovery image backups, administrators have “bare metal restore” capability, empowering them to restore entire systems (including the operating system and applications) at once – even to completely different machines with dissimilar hardware.

Cloud Archive
Data management and archive in the cloud

NovaStor's cloud archive and data management solution allows you to intelligently manage a multi-cloud environment for large volumes of unstructured data. Dynamically move data between, local, public or private cloud, switch cloud storage vendors, or migrate data from one location to the next based on policy or on-demand. 

Backup Storage

SAN/NAS Backup Storage
Protecting data stored on a NAS or SAN infrastructure

Whether your organization is utilizing stand-alone NAS devices, a scale-out NAS appliance or an enterprise class SAN infrastructure, NovaStor backup solutions are designed to intelligently manage your data storage of choice, be in NAS Backup or SAN Backup

Tape/Tape Libraries/Tape Autoloaders
Tape is one of the most economical ways to store cold data

At NovaStor, we believe that data protection: shouldn’t have a size limitation, that the cost per gigabyte should be low, and that data should be stored in the most indestructible manner possible. This is why NovaStor maintains support for tape backup.

Cloud Storage
cloud storage should be part of your data protection strategy

Cloud storage is a type of storage that utilizes cloud computing to secure your data offsite on remote servers accessed over the internet. While there are several cloud storage architectures with different deployment options including public, private, and hybrid cloud, NovaStor supports all cloud storage options with flexible, scalable data protection that is accessible from anywhere with internet access.


Healthcare Backup
Healthcare backup for medical and dental practices

As an expert in healthcare backup and compliance, NovaStor supports hospitals, medical research facilities, individual healthcare practices and healthcare vertical managed service providers (MSPs). These regulated healthcare entities that handle Patient Healthcare Information (PHI) require a HIPAA compliant backup solution.

Education Backup
Secure data protection for K-12 and higher education

NovaStor provides education backup solutions and expert services to thousands of educational institutions from K-12 though higher education colleges and universities. NovaStor understands the needs and requirements of schools and universities and is dedicated to protecting their data by offering secure backup for education with unmatched service and support.

Government Backup
Backup software for state, local and federal government

NovaStor’s expert knowledge of Government backup, coupled with solutions and services that address these challenges by providing strong, encrypted backup and recovery solutions utilizing best practices supporting local and multi-cloud environments, make NovaStor solutions a good fit for government agencies.

Software. Service. Support.

Complete Business Backup Software.

NovaStor's data protection and archiving solutions meet your technical, regulatory and legal requirements. 

Software: Our software products offer stable, high-performance, scalable solutions to your business backup software, recovery and archiving needs.

Service: Our professional services give you access to backup experts with extensive experience and insight to help you keep your data safe.

Support: Our customers receive technical support direction from NovaStor engineers - by phone, email or remote access.

We are dedicated to helping you relieve your backup pains and hope our enterprise backup software comparison helps you find the correct product to fit your needs. If not, please speak to one of our backup experts.

Die komplette Datensicherungslösung

Advantages of NovaStor's Business Backup Software Solutions

NovaStor offers businesses, government agencies, healthcare industries, educational institutions, and service providers sustainable enterprise backup solutions for legally compliant data protection and archiving with unmatched service and support.

Stable & Easy to Use

NovaStor's software bundles comprehensive heterogeneous backup and restore functions with reporting, monitoring, and central media management. Once setup, the processes run automatically and without interruption due to high fault tolerances. 

Flexibility in Infrastructure & Storage

NovaStor supports current operating systems (Windows / Linux), virtualization platforms (Hyper-V, VMware) and business applications. Our solutions offer the flexibility of storage mediums from disk to tape to cloud.

Performance & Scalability

NovaStor's business backup software scales infinitely with increasing volumes of data. The distributed system architecture enables very high throughput with a low network load. Features such as Multistreaming accelerate data backup and reduce backup and restore windows.

Quality & Efficiency

With flexible and convenient license management, all-inclusive pricing, and high-quality software with centralized management, NovaStor DataCenter is both robust and efficient. If you do an enterprise backup software comparison, you will not find a more cost-effective, user-friendly solution.

NovaStor Stimmen Kunden

Voices of Our Customers


We’ve really been impressed by the multiplexing technology in DataCenter, which has essentially cut our backup times in half. 

- Chris Niewiarowski | Ex'Pression College

Many software manufacturers advertise words like ‘simple, intuitive, and easy-to- use’ but can’t deliver. NovaStor exceeds those words delivering value and quality.

- Timothy Harvey | Heritage Equity Group, Inc.

NovaStor support has really impressed us with their dedication in resolving difficult issues. NovaStor support worked with the NAS engineers and helped them uncover a bug in their firmware that was the cause of the failing backups…our backups to the new NAS have now been working without a hitch.

- Sean Staats, System Administrator | Gene by Gene, Ltd.

I enjoyed having a direct line to NovaStor’s knowledgeable technical support team. Our prior backup software provider had me explain everything to junior team members before connecting me to the people who could solve the issue.

- Michael Steeber, Administrator | US Internet

I have totally loved my experience to date with NovaStor. In a day when everyone asks for the Cloud and SAS services, I am happy to deploy a budget friendly solution with a flexible configuration (Cloud, NAS, and/or Local). Thank you for the help and support!

- Alfonso Cartagena

NovaStor offers all of these features at no additional costs that competitors charge thousands for. It seemed too good to be true. I downloaded it to a VM Server and within minutes I was doing full backups. I drove the software into the ground I threw everything I had at it to see how it would hold up. It was fantastic.

- Steve Platek, Owner | UniTECH Communications London

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