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Backup for Government

Backup software for state, local and federal government

NovaStor backup software satisfy all major compliance industries and manufactures, supports and provides backup solution services from their offices based out of the United States of America.

Downtime, data management across hybrid and heterogeneous environments, complying with stringent regulations around data protection, and disaster recovery (DR) — these are some of the data challenges government organizations and their IT departments struggle with today.

In a dynamic landscape where technologies such as cloud and big data emerge, the IT infrastructure needs stability, scalability, speed and reliability.

NovaStor’s expert knowledge of Government backup, coupled with solutions and services that address these challenges by providing strong, encrypted backup and recovery solutions utilizing best practices supporting local and multi-cloud environments, make NovaStor solutions a good fit for government agencies.

NovaStor complies with the following:

  • U.S. Product Origin
  • 508 Compliance (VPAT)
  • Chinese Anti-corruption Regulations

With several options to choose from for backup for government institutions, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your state, local or federal government needs.

Why NovaStor is a good fit for government backup

NovaStor supports thousands of government and utility customers at the Federal, State and local levels and we’re very much aware that no two environments are alike. Our customers range from a single small office managing a single terabyte of data to a large military environment maintaining petabytes of critical data. Each one receives NovaStor’s full service approach that removes the complexity and additional stress that backup can add to an IT admins life.

  • Direct access to NovaStor Backup Experts: They’re just a call away! Speak directly to people that have worked in similar roles to you, who understand your needs, but also now work on backup issues for a living. Something new to you has probably been seen and solved several times before.

  • All-Inclusive Licensing: Things change, sometimes not as quickly as you like. With All-Inclusive licensing, you receive all NovaStor features for a single price and future proofing comes built-in. You shouldn’t have to worry about extra costs related to changes to your OS, your virtual environments, storage devices or each time you add another instance of Microsoft SQL. Your complete solution – software, application agents, professional services and technical support – they’re ALL included.

  • Budget Friendly: NovaStor offers packages and programs to all levels of government that are all-inclusive and cater to even the toughest budgets. Even large departments can be overwhelmed and underfunded. With NovaStor you can lock-in pricing for multiple years (ideal for fixed budgets) and run extended proof of concepts to get make sure that you are protected until your budget becomes available. You’re unique and NovaStor treats each situation the same way.

  • Support for Any Environment: NovaStor tries to help you get the most out of your existing environment (budget friendly). Many government environments run on legacy systems. NovaStor supports just about any environment, whether you backup to tape, disk, cloud or all the above. NovaStor also supports migration between backup destinations at no additional fee. Many competing solutions only support one environment, so if they want your business, they have to recommend that you change what you have today. With a complete solution, NovaStor will only recommend what is best for you…not for us.

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Top Government Backup FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about our backup solutions for government.

“I was impressed with NovaStor’s customer service. I submitted a request for more information and was contacted within 5 minutes. The organizational structure is great. Even though NovaStor’s a major company there’s a small business vibe that we really like, someone’s always available and willing to assist. ”

Scott Mercer
IT Admin | Jefferson County