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VMware Backup

Efficient backup for VMware vSphere virtual machines

Businesses utilize VMware technology to create virtualized environments when they need a highly efficient platform with first-class support. 

NovaStor’s VMware VM backup software solutions allow you to backup, replicate, restore, manage and migrate your VMs with ease - while also centralizing management. You can protect all of your data on your vSphere VMs and meet your backup window with high-stability and reduced complexity.

With NovaStor, you receive the highest standard of support, as we extend your IT abilities with our team of local engineers to assist you with your VMware ESX server backup and your virtual workloads.

  • Back up VMs in your VMware environments on-the-fly with no server downtime 
  • Restore single files or folders from a full VMware virtual machine backup
  • VMware backup replication for high-availability of time-critical systems
  • Configure version history to easily roll-back to an earlier VMware VM backup
  • Perform VMware snapshots of your virtual machines
  • Restore to the same or dissimilar hardware (P2V and V2P support)
  • Single file restore with split screen for simultaneous viewing of image and target 
  • VMware cluster support for highest availability, load balancing and performance
  • US-based tech support

With several options to choose from for VMware backup solutions, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your IT infrastructure and business needs.

VMware backup and restore doesn't have to be complex

The transition from physical to virtual servers allows IT Admins with the opportunity to consolidate, allowing for a reduction in hardware resources as servers become better utilized. With all systems managed centrally, administration is simplified.

NovaStor brings you logical and powerful backup and VMware replication solutions for  VMware (and Hyper-V) environments of any size, conveniently managed from the same interface as your physical machines. Managing VM backups doesn’t need to include overly complex interfaces, steep learning curves and outrageous investments.

With NovaStor, you get the best backup software for VMware. Our backup solution for VMware is offered with all-inclusive pricing based on backup storage volume, so you can protect all of your virtual host VMware vSphere machines with unlimited virtual machines - and no add-on costs for each additional virtual host.

With transparent support of VMware datastores, selecting a target datastore is a breeze. Need more disk space on your datastore? No problem. You can quickly make provisioning adjustments on the fly to reconfigure a VMware virtual disk to more efficiently use disk space on the datastore. Plus, with synthetic one-step VM restore, your VMware vSphere virtual machine can be restored in a single pass - regardless of the number of previous backups. 

NovaStor VM backup and recovery software fully supports the latest VMware vSphere software and operating systems available on the market today.

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Virtual backup best practices

Best Practices for Backing up Virtual Environments

Virtualization represents one of the most important growth technologies in the IT sector. This whitepaper provides an overview of the principles and daily challenges of protecting virtual systems.

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VMware Backup FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about backups for VMware.

“NovaStor offers all of these features at no additional costs that competitors charge thousands for. It seemed too good to be true. I downloaded it to a VM Server and within minutes I was doing full backups. I drove the software into the ground, I threw everything I had at it to see how it would hold up. It was fantastic.”

Steve Platek
Owner | UniTECH Communications London