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Solutions by Systems and Infrastructure

Windows Server Backup

Protecting critical data and applications on Windows Servers

Server administrators face a variety of Windows backup options for protecting backup servers but often struggle to find a solution that offers the level of simple management, advanced scheduling, and storage device accessibility that they require for their backup plans.

Windows Server Backup solutions are designed to back up servers and quickly recover all your business data including individual files, applications, virtual environments, or your entire system including your OS – all centrally managed, with maximum flexibility for administrators.

NovaStor offers a comprehensive all-inclusive solution:

  • Physical server backup software protects applications, files/folders, system files, etc.
  • Protect VMs running in Hyper-V on your Windows Server
  • Perform image-level backups (system image) with bare metal recovery
  • Built-in P2V 
  • Restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Granular level recovery for VM and Image Backups
  • Virtual server backup and recovery: image and file-level backup
  • US-based tech support

With several options to choose from for Windows backup for servers, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right backup Windows server data protection solution for your specific IT infrastructure and business needs.

Complete Windows backup software for server environments

Your Windows backup servers are the lifeblood of your organization, storing critical data and applications on physical, virtual and cloud environments. Defend them with an all-inclusive server back up solution that allows you to store backups on the storage backup location of your choosing: SAN, NAS, tape, tape libraries with autoloader support, disk, NovaStor-hosted cloud, or any private or public cloud such as Azure, AWS or Google.

With potentially hundreds of users per server, there will come a time when someone accidentally deletes files, or urgently needs to recover an older, previous versions of a file from your file history. With granular recovery, you can use your system backup image to recover just the files you need - saving you time and money. 

System Admins can manage all systems from a central control panel with unique user rights and access privileges from a single central management console.

NovaStor's Windows server data protection solution allows you to run application-aware backups on your mission-critical applications to ensure full data integrity. NovaStor utilizes Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to capture the application state while backups are in process to ensure application consistency. When disaster strikes, it’s essential to get back up and running with minimal downtime, and our backup solutions for Windows allow you to do just that.

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More Windows Server Backup Features

Whether you want to backup individual files, whole disk partitions or securing applications, DataCenter supports the most appropriate backup method.

Web-based Interface
Simple, modern, intuitive interface 

Reduce your learning curve and simplify your Windows server data protection with our intuitive, web-based user interface. Easily, setup, update and manage all your backups from a single view. Assign rights to let users see only the information they truly need,

Auditable Reporting
Gain corporate-wide visibility

Receive the current status of all data protection measures for compliance or audit reporting at any time with the push of a button. Get status updates on backup jobs, target media and more.

Reduce your backup windows

Instead of backing up separate systems in one long data stream, multistreaming (or multi-threading) allows you to split up the data from the source (or multiple sources) into multiple streams that will be transferred in parallel to reduce backup windows.

Reduce the size of your backups

Reduce the size of your backup data with deduplication. NovaStor’s backup format optimizes and increases performance on deduplication hardware appliances and Windows Server 2012 (R2) operating systems.

Virtual Machines
Backup and Replicate VMs

Back up virtual machines in your Hyper-V and VMware environments with no server downtime or restrictions to productivity. Single item-level recovery and virtual machine replication available.

Bare Metal Recovery
Restore entire system

The Bare Metal Recovery backup allows you to perform a complete image backup of your server. In the event of a hard disk failure, restore complete system to new or dissimilar hardware.

Logical Cloning
Make copies of backups

With logical cloning you can make copies of selected backups on different backup servers and alternative site locations as a cost-effective means to protect against data loss.

Windows Server Backup FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about backup for Windows server.

“I enjoyed having a direct line to NovaStor’s knowledgeable technical support team. Our prior backup software provider had me explain everything to junior team members before connecting me to the people who could solve the issue.”

Michael Steeber
Administrator | US Internet