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Disaster Recovery with Bare Metal Restore

Complete system recovery for disaster recovery scenarios

In the event of a catastrophic failure, every second counts. Rebuilding a system from scratch usually first includes the manual installation of operating systems, then drivers and business applications. Next comes the restore of important file data and retrieving custom settings. This process can have backup administrators spending hours, or even days, to restore systems.

With NovaStor’s Disaster Recovery image backups, administrators have “bare metal restore” capability, empowering them to restore entire systems (including the operating system and applications) at once – even to completely different machines with dissimilar hardware.

  • Storage agnostic imaging for entire system recovery in just minutes
  • True Universal restore to different hardware for Windows and Linux environments
  • Restore to the same location, to a new system with dissimilar hardware or to a VM

With several options to choose from for disaster recovery, our backup experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your managed backup service.

Proper disaster recovery planning is critical 

With limited resources and a tight budget, a full disaster recovery plan can be difficult to implement, but not impossible. First, you want to identify the potential risks to your organization, then establish a backup strategy to minimize downtime, and lastly you need to test and revise the plan to ensure that your files can be easily restored.

In addition to file backups, disaster recovery images can streamline the restore process by including all system data to bring a mirror image of your former machine back into production after any disaster scenario. Utilizing a single backup set, Disaster Recovery offers the additional benefits of being both a fast and relatively straightforward process.

A good disaster recovery plan consists of a few critical components:

  • Proper preparation including understanding your individual risks, assets, and liabilities.
  • Insurance coverage specific to your area and needs.
  • A data backup plan that includes an offsite location.
  • Your backups have been tested and are ready to restore when necessary.
  • Detailed written out recovery plan that all employees are familiar with and ready to execute.
  • Flexible options for employees following disaster in the event they’re unable to commute to work or are injured due to the disaster.



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How to Meet Data Backup and Recovery Needs with Limited Resources

Most businesses face pressure to generate profits while performing at maximum efficiency, especially when budgets are tight. They know that the security of their critical data is of immense importance. But sometimes the resources are in short supply.

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Disaster Recovery FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about our image backup and disaster recovery technology.

“NovaStor's disaster recovery image backup was the only thing that was able to bring our clients crypto-locked admin server back to life. We tried the restore and boom, it's like it never even happened. This just proves why NovaStor products are essential for disaster recovery and nightly backups. Amazing products and support staff. I give them the highest rating possible.”

Graham Cennon
President | DMS Services, Inc.