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Cloud Archive

Data management and archive in the cloud 

As data grows, so do the costs associated with retaining that data. Since all data is not created equal, having a data management and cloud archiving solution that allows you to retain compliance of your diversified data, while providing access and insight into your data is invaluable.

NovaStor's cloud archive and enterprise data management solution allows you to intelligently manage a multi-cloud environment for large volumes of unstructured data. With policy-driven retention and data pruning, our cloud archiving solution allows you to control what is retained and for how long.  With full-context search for compliance or discover, data can be found and retrieved wherever it's stored. Dynamically move data between, local, public or private cloud, switch cloud storage vendors, or migrate data from one location to the next based on policy or on-demand. 

  • Index, classify, retain, and archive either on-premises or in any cloud
  • Classify data for full-content search and fine-grained control
  • Use data pruning to automatically remove data based on policies
  • Encrypt, compress, and deduplicate data before it leaves the source
  • Multi-tier, multi-tenant SaaS with a RESTful API
  • Simplify and automate data retention with policy-driven management 
  • Dynamically move data between cloud vendors (no vendor lock)
  • Find your data wherever it is (public cloud, private cloud, local device…) and retrieve it  
  • Central management and intuitive dashboard for reporting, analytics, alerts, and configurations

With several options to choose from for data management and cloud archive, our data protection experts provide you with a free consultation to help you find the right solution for your IT infrastructure and business needs.

Utilizing MSPs for data management and cloud archive

Many organizations are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), for help meeting their ever-evolving requirements for data management and archiving of their unstructured data. Meeting regulatory requirements, managing ever-expanding volumes of data, administering multi-cloud or hybrid cloud environments, and meeting multi-site and multi-tenancy requirements, can overload an already tightly run IT department.

MSPs are able to come alone side an organization and help them meet their regulatory and infrastructure requirements, and administer some of the more complex retention policies for multiple offices, branches or departments.

NovaStor works closely with our MSP partners to ensure you get the best service and support available. Whether you work directly with NovaStor, or with one of our MSP partners, NovaStor's data protection experts are here to help you!

If you are interested in becoming a NovaStor MSP partner, join our partner program.

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Cloud Archive FAQs

Our team of backup experts compiled a list of the top questions asked about our data management and cloud archive solutions.

“The ability to install a server, and then install the agents on the various computers and have it just work is exactly what I needed. My time is at a premium at the moment, so picking tools that shorten the amount of hands-on AND learning time is very important to me.”

Michael Pflugrad
Technically Geek IT