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Businesses need insurance to cover them if an accident occurs, but insurance can't protect you if you lose weeks, months, or even years of hard work due to a computer crash, theft, or a natural disaster that has completely damaged your servers or your hard drives. You need fast, effective server backup software that can cut through all of the hard work for you so that you know your files are safe. With NovaStor, you'll get a reliable backup software that works across platforms. No more concerns about cross compatibility or questionable, fly-by-night back up servers; we're here to give you data insurance you can count on.

With NovaStor, you'll get:

  • Windows Server backup software that scales to fit your needs.
  • Multiplexing, for simultaneous back ups, restorations, and services.
  • Cross-platform backup for all operating systems and storage formats.
  • A flexible and intuitive user interface.

Back Up Basics

Before server management became such a complex industry, one of the key concerns for businesses was the backup. Companies invested in large, bulky recording media, and then specialized disk systems to make sure that their information was safe in the event of an accident. Once internet speeds caught up to industry needs, online backup became a reality, but the core mission of server and PC backup remains the same: Reliable protection, restoration, and information storage.

NovaStor focuses on providing clients with the most important aspects of data backup, while keeping the entire platform flexible enough to be used across several different formats. SQL, Exchange 2010 and 2013, Tape Library D2D2T, DR, and more are all supported by our server backup solutions. In addition, we offer individual computer backup software solutions to store the most important information by itself whenever and wherever necessary. Our goal is to provide as many clients as we can with a reliable, infinitely scaling backup solution.

Backup for Terabytes, Petrabytes, and Beyond

Just having a storage solution by itself isn't enough if you run into a wall. You would be forced to make a decision as to which information to keep, and which you would have to store elsewhere. NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.3 makes sure that you never have to make that decision. Our backup process can reach an unmatched 6.5TB/hour data rate that will ensure that all of your information reaches storage in hours, not days. With multiplexing features, you'll be able to both backup information and perform restorations at the same time, giving you much more flexibility in your administration of backup information.

We also provide Windows server backup Exchange options and SBS server backup that can access public or private clouds, giving you far more options and control over how your backup is organized, stored, and accessed. While Windows server backup solutions may leave you wondering how you can change your data to fit their plan, we make our backup solutions work for you.

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New Features Added Regularly

We aren't just happy to rest on our laurels, either. We are constantly finding new ways to provide PC backup software for businesses that need them the most. Our backup software for servers has a constantly evolving user interface and reporting system that not only allows you to interact with the information you see, but keep an eye on the information you normally do not. With our easy reporting and monitoring functionality, you'll be able to stay on top of the progress of backup processes, files which are currently stored, and how much of your information you still need to backup.

In addition, we also provide:

  • Antivirus scanning of backups
  • FTP storage and support
  • Multiple backup indexing and recall
  • Disaster Recovery for image backups
  • NovaCare Support
  • Easy administration tools for security and speed
With our backup and restore management utilities, we provide clean, fast user interfaces that give administrators control and awareness. We continue to streamline the look and functionality of these utilities to make it much simpler, and faster, to get your data backed up or restored when you need it. Our Windows server backup software can restore and save data across several platforms with minimal administrative involvement necessary, all with the direct goal of making administration that much easier for the user.

Local Customer Support

Just giving you the best Windows backup software isn't enough in this industry. You need effective, descriptive support from real human beings. Our friendly in-house NovaStor customer support team will work with you in virtually any situation to ensure that your backup exchange server or SBS server backup is 100% functional. If you experience any problems with our services or software, we will be there to guide you through the process of getting your backup or restoration back on track. For some businesses, the difference between an effective backup and restoration and one that isn't up to par could mean losing thousands of dollars. We want to make sure that never happens to your business, which is why we are committed to addressing hardware, software, and operational concerns when and if they should appear.

Our premium support package provides you with contact information of our United States team, including email contact, telephone numbers, and more. We also provide a blog and a support center where you can easily find frequently asked questions, post your own concerns or suggestions, or find topics on new ways to optimize your server and PC backup experience.

NovaBACKUP has won countless awards for best PC backup software and best server backup software. With over 3 million downloads and a #1 ranking by for 5 years running, you can't go wrong. Download a free trial of NovaBACKUP now.

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NovaStor offers a test installation function that you can use to see if our services are the best backup software solutions for your individual machines or entire network. We also have live support and chat functions with a NovaStor backup expert, so that you can ask questions and get answers right now. Whether you're a seasoned administrator or a new worker with a big project, we want you to be absolutely confident that choosing NovaStor is the best decision you could make.
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