NovaStor offers all-inclusive pricing based on the volume of data you select to backup with unlimited servers and full application and hardware support.

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NovaStor backup services

Professional Services

Our team of backup professionals are here to assist you

NovaStor Professional Services

Going above and beyond the industry standard

NovaStor knows that as an IT Administrator, every moment of your time is accounted for. We’re also aware that only a small portion of this time can be dedicated to your backup solution and if your time is being spent on backup, you’re most likely experiencing some serious problems.

We are dedicated to solving your critical data protection issues, helping to remove the burden of backup from your daily routine, and giving you professional services you need, so you don't have to face backup or recovery issues alone.

We also believe in supporting you through all stages of your journey, from the research stage and the onboarding stage, all the way through to the customer success stage.


Professional backup services

Serious Service and Support

Our team of backup professionals are here to assist you with both free and paid professional services, designed to help you with your data protection journey

Architectural review

Schedule a free session with one of our backup experts to review your environment and discuss the fundamental aspects that need to be addressed to ensure that you have a quality backup plan that fits your business needs. At completion of this no obligation review, you will have a strong understanding of what you need to consider when you’re ready to optimize your current backup strategy. Consult with an expert

Backup review

Trial with setup assistance

Try before you buy. If your current solution is not meeting your needs, we want to ensure that before you invest again, you have had the opportunity to test all facets of our solution and support. NovaStor experts provide trial setup assistance, so you receive help with the software installation and the setup of your first backup, along with basic product training. Their experience will help you avoid common pitfalls and let you start your testing with confidence. NovaStor’s trial period is 30 days and pre-sales expert level support is free. Learn more

Backup trial


NovaStor walks with you through the onboarding stage to help you gain the product training and implementation assistance you need to properly protect your live environment from day one.

After your purchase, you can make an appointment for your personal installation service. One of our in-house technical support engineers will call you at your scheduled appointment time at the contact number you provide. They will ask you to download TeamViewer in order to assist you with remote desktop installation of your NovaStor software and do your backup configurations while you watch and learn. You will also have the opportunity to ask any question you may have.

Backup onboarding

On-going support

NovaCare is NovaStor’s maintenance program. As long as your NovaCare remains active, you will receive access to NovaStor’s backup experts via phone, email or live chat as well as automatic upgrades and updates to the latest version of your product. Subscription licenses all include NovaCare.

We also offer pro-active support through our health check program. NovaStor backup experts will periodically contact you to see if you have any questions or issues, and to run through a backup health check with you. By walking you through a success checklist, they are able to provide an evaluation and offer suggestions for continuous improvements to your backup strategy.

backup support

Schedule a Test Installation

Want to speak with backup expert about your environment and schedule a test installation?

Paid professional services

NovaStor offers optional fee-based professional services like backup plan building, backup monitoring, restore assistance and more.

Backup plan

Work with a NovaStor backup expert to build a formal Backup Plan/Strategy for your company. Having a backup plan in place is critical for maintaining compliance in highly regulated industries. NovaStor will provide you with a detailed plan that will demonstrate that you have maintained the best possible level of preparation should disaster strike. For example, a backup plan is a requirement of HIPAA compliance. Even if a violation occurs, having a plan in place demonstrates best efforts and exponentially reduces your odds of receiving a substantial penalty.

At a glance

  • Review your current plan or environment
  • Build a formal backup plan / strategy
  • Maintain compliance

Backup monitoring 

You’re a busy person or you are short on staff due to changes, cutbacks or vacations. Your data does not take time off. Let a NovaStor Backup expert monitor your backups, making certain that backup jobs are launching and completing successfully. If issues or failed jobs occur, they will contact you immediately and work with you to resolve the issue. Monitoring services are available for a single day or as a permanent fixture in your backup strategy.

At a glance

  • Backup monitoring
  • Ensure backup completion success
  • Contact you should backup failure occur

Restore Assistance

It’s called backup software, but the ability to restore is why you purchased it in the first place. It is not often, but when data needs to be restored, it is typically urgent. Take some of the pressure off and have a NovaStor backup expert help you recover your files. They do restores daily and their experience can help you recover your data fast.

At a glance

  • Assistance with restores
  • Specific file(s) or entire systems
  • Expert help to ensure fast data recovery
"With increasing backup volumes and increasingly complex IT infrastructure, data protection requirements are increasing, and we are aligning IT environments, analyzing vulnerabilities, defining goals, and aligning with IT and backup managers on our standard products, specific backup solutions that help our customers achieve their individual goals in the best possible way, beyond the conception, we accompany IT departments with implementation, operation and ongoing optimization."
Andreas Buschmann - Chief Backup Architect NovaStor
Andreas Buschmann
Chief Backup Architect at NovaStor

Consult with an expert

Tell us the challenges you face. Based on your current IT and storage infrastructure and your goals, we design and implement your tailor-made data backup solution.


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Fill out the form and send us your request. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt and we will arrange an appointment for an initial consultation shortly thereafter.


Defining your needs
In a telephone call, you describe our challenges and your goals to our experts. We clarify your questions and include key data about your IT infrastructure and document your requirements.


We review your requirements and make a recommendation on the best solution for your environment.  Should you need a product demo or a quote, our backup experts are available to help you with next steps.

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