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Backup-Lösung NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise

All-Inclusive Enterprise Backup Software

Data protection and recovery for petabytes of data

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise

Enterprise grade solution for your data availability

NovaStor offers the best backup solution for enterprise. Our enterprise data protection software is highly scalable, enterprise grade, server backup and recovery software that securely protects unlimited amounts of data against data loss.

With ever-increasing data loads, IT complexity and ongoing threats to the safety of your data, it is essential to partner with a company that can address the specific needs of your IT environment, can grow with the demands of your business, and provide your team with the support they need should disaster strike.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise was built on a distributed architecture with the ability to handle petabytes of data with high fault tolerances, and built-in failover mechanisms to ensure that your critical data is always restorable.


Our Enterprise Backup Solution

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise has proven itself to be a stable, powerful, enterprise level backup solution that offers comprehensive automated backups designed to scale to meet your business needs, while remaining easy to manage and fast to restore.

Whether you are protecting a data center or an enterprise with large amounts of data that require high demands on availability, NovaStor has you covered with a cost-effective, all-inclusive enterprise backup and recovery solution.

  • Physical and VM backups (Hyper-V and VMware vSphere)
  • File and image based backups
  • Database backups and restore
  • Local and cloud storage options
  • VMware replication
  • Backup of running virtual machines
  • Incremental Hyper-V backups
  • Universal restore to dissimilar hardware
  • Restore physical machines to a virtual environment - and vice versa
  • vCenter & Hyper-V Cluster support for highest availability, load balancing and best performance
  • Audible reports at the push of a button
  • Centralized management from a single interface

Business continuity is more than just data protection. It's the assurance that your business operations and core enterprise functions are not severely impacted by a disaster or an unplanned incident that takes your critical systems offline.

Our team of backup experts are like an extension of your IT department, stepping in to help ensure that your enterprise backups are secure and you are able to quickly bounce back from any disaster scenario.

Advantages at a glance


When it comes to backup speeds, the larger the quantity of data, the sooner weaknesses are revealed with many competing enterprise backup solutions. Where other backup solutions reach their limits, NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise excels. The distributed system architecture allows the central database to achieve a high data throughput and reduces the network load while offering maximum stability.

Advanced features like Multistreaming and Multiplexer technology, accelerate backup and restore speeds many times over.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise Speed


NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise linearly scales from hundreds to thousands of servers while remaining easy to manage. Deploying backup jobs on an unlimited number of systems can, for example, be done in a single step. High fault tolerance, failover mechanisms, and comprehensive automation minimize disruption and management overhead for the growing backup and enterprise backup storage environment.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise Scalability


Digital worlds cross national borders and the security of your data must comply with legal requirements and internal guidelines, which your company works locally or globally. NovaStor's enterprise backup software protects data and intellectual properties with Government grade encryption to protect against data loss and unauthorized access.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise Security


NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise supports all storage manufacturers and makes optimal use of the performance of current storage technologies. When backing up to magnetic tape, NovaStor's software combines energy-efficient offline storage with high backup and restore speeds. Licensing and service models permanently reduce backup and archiving costs.

NovaStor DataCenter Enterprise Efficiency

Performance at the highest level:
In 6.5 seconds to 6.5 TB/h 

Test results from a service provider in a live environment


After a 280-second startup phase, NovaStor DataCenter achieves a constant throughput of 1800 MB/sec = 6,5 TB / h in the described test scenario.

Petabyte Backup & Restore

Only with maximum flexibility, efficiency and speed, backup solutions deliver the scalability and agility that businesses need today and in the future.

Backup at an international ISP

Backup and restore are critical to success at Tieto, one of Europe's largest IT service companies. With NovaStor DataCenter, Tieto achieves a backup success rate of 99.09% when backing up 13.2 billion files with around 8.2 petabytes. The high degree of automation and the individual optimization of NovaStor's solution allowed a team of 4 internal and 10 external managers to reliably secure more than 35 servers and and over 8,500 nodes.

At a glance

  • Data volumes in the petabyte range
  • High efficiency requirements
  • Excellent performance on disk and tape

Future project: Autonomous driving 

Recordings of test drives generate extremely large and constantly growing data volumes with more than 100 million files at 5 locations. More than 30 petabytes of data must be saved per site. The backup to tape libraries is carried out by the user is energy and cost efficient. NovaStor provides its backup solution as a Managed Backup Service and takes over the entire operational effort.

At a glance

  • Several 100 million files, up to 30 PB per site and growing
  • Energy and cost efficient backup to tape
  • Managed Backup Service as a complete solution
"With increasing backup volumes and increasingly complex IT infrastructure, data protection requirements are increasing, and we are aligning IT environments, analyzing vulnerabilities, defining goals, and aligning with IT and backup managers on our standard products, specific backup solutions that help our customers achieve their individual goals in the best possible way, beyond the conception, we accompany IT departments with implementation, operation and ongoing optimization."
Andreas Buschmann - Chief Backup Architect NovaStor
Andreas Buschmann
Chief Backup Architect at NovaStor

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