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Enterprise Data Management

Data management and data archiving in the cloud. Cost effective and legally compliant.

Securing the future of
your data

Digitization advances, along with government, legal and regulatory pressures to store ever-expanding volumes of data for extended periods of time, have forced organizations to find ways to meet their data protection and retrieval needs while maintaining or reducing their IT budgets.  

NovaStor's enterprise data management solution allow you to:

  • Index, retain and archive on-site or in ANY cloud
  • Classify data with full-content search for fine-grained control
  • Automate and simplify data retention
  • True multi-cloud management
  • Reduce long-term storage needs with data retention policies
  • Inheriting policies like: retention, data protection paths, schedules

NovaStor's enterprise data management solution protects data that needs to be retained for business purposes with cost-effective archive storage and data management for local, offsite, multi-cloud or hybrid environments. This data archiving solution automates the legally compliant outsourcing of unstructured data and allows for better control over cloud storage costs (no vendor lock). Built to handle massive growth of millions of files with policy-driven centralized management and support for multi-site and multi-tenancy environments.


Backup vs. Archive

What's the difference?  

A backup refers to a copy of your data that can be used to restore your original data at a later date in the event of loss or damage. The original data is retained after a backup is made.

An archive is a collection of historical data created for reference purposes, often to comply with regulatory requirements for data retention. Although not required, the original data is often deleted after an archive is made.

To determine which is needed, you often have to answer the following questions:

1. What vertical market sector do you do business in?
2. What kind of data do you want to protect?
3. What situations are you trying to protect against?



Archive data efficiently

The archiving of unstructured data on affordable secondary storage systems achieves cost reductions of up to 80% taking account of availability parameters.


Enterprise data management protects your critical file- and folder-level data to a local software storage appliance then, dictated by your policy, sends the data to the cloud of your choice for long-term storage. This data archiving solution follows best practices to securely transfer to and manage your data within the cloud. Retrieve inactive data quickly while securely archiving data to lower cost storage.

Data classification allows for fine grain control over data for compliance or discover.

Vorteil Archivierung

Highly Scalable

Continuous data growth requires the retention of inactive data on low-cost storage. Comprehensive automation with policy-driven data selection minimizes the workload. Scalability, flexibility and open interfaces for integrating additional systems ensure future-proofing.

Pricing models enable low initial investment and long-term predictable costs.

Vorteil Archivierung

Multi-Cloud Mobility

Dynamically move data between cloud vendors, and on-premises (local, public or private cloud) based on policy or on-demand with the freedom to switch between the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage vendor(s) of your choice.

Published open data format means no vendor lock-in and the ability to recover data independently of the NovaStor platform, forever.


Why Archive Data?

“We get a lot of requests from organizations of all sizes to offer a retention/archiving solution that uses cloud dynamics” said Mike Andrews, co-owner of NovaStor. “With Enterprise Data Management, NovaStor’s clients get that and more.”


Are you a Managed Service Provider?

NovaStor's Partner Program allows MSPs to earn reoccuring revenue by offering their clients cloud backup and archiving services.

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