Physical and Virtual Server Backup for Windows & Linux

NovaStor DataCenter provides a direct, no-nonsense UI that powers one of the fastest, most scalable Windows and Linux backup software solutions for sever networks available on the market today. Offering local and offsite, vendor-neutral server backup with unified central management for virtual and physical machines, makes NovaStor DataCenter robust and easy to use.

Trusted by Fortune 100 companies and government agencies, NovaStor DataCenter uses multistreaming technology to ensure rapid data transfer while operating on redundant metadata and a distributed architecture to restore your data 50% faster with unfailing restorability.

With US-based engineers from IT backgrounds available to handle your data backup and recovery needs, and an all-inclusive price without hidden fees and charges, NovaStor DataCenter is a complete solution. Call us today to speak to a backup expert now. Call 805-579-6700.