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Whitepapers, case studies and documentation

Whitepapers and Guides

NovaStor's backup and restore experts have gained extensive experience and know-how and are happy to share their insight and expertise.

Guide: Backup and Restore Strategies

Build a Better Backup Strategy Guide

The first step in our backup guide is to evaluate. An efficient and secure backup does not start with a piece of software but with the planning of the unique and detailed backup strategy.



Role of Tape Storage in Backup Applications

Use of the cloud is booming, and utilizing it for data backup often makes good sense. But there are a number of reasons that tape tech has remained the most reliable, cost-efficient method of archiving large amounts of data.


Whitepaper HIPAA

5 Most Overlooked Aspects of HIPAA Compliance

Healthcare professionals know it is important to protect the privacy of their patients, but the issue can become complex when determining how to protect specific types of information, and how to abide by security regulations.


Whitepaper Ransomware

Mitigating the Risks of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware has been threatening data and users all over the world, encrypting everything within reach and demanding a fee in order to decrypt it again. Find out what you can do to mitigate your risks of an attack.


Case Studies

Hundreds of businesses, government agencies and public institutions of all sizes rely on NovaStor DataCenter. Selected customer scenarios can be found in the following case studies. For further references,


Hogan & Associates

Hogan and Associates were able to gain the backup and recovery flexibility they needed without the hefty price tag.



Jefferson County

Jefferson County was able to deploy their backups using their own methods at a fraction of the cost without compromising budget.



US Internet

US Internet was drawn to NovaStor DataCenter's unique pricing and licensing structure and it's ease of use.


More case studies

  • Case Study: Ex'pression College
    With rapidly growing data, Ex'pression College's existing backup solution was not meeting the task of protecting critical data in a timely manner. NovaStor was brought in, and after a successful pilot project was fully implemented, cutting backup times in half.

  • Case Study: PhonoNet
    PhonoNet is an IT service provider that protects 29 million files with NovaStor DataCenter. DataCenter successfully enabled the stable protection of a critical Windows server, two critical Linux servers and a network holding several terabytes of data.

  • Case Study: MAC Mode (Joint Case Study with IBM)
    Every year, MAC Mode sells six million pairs of trousers. With the IBM and NovaStor solutions in place, MAC has dramatically boosted business resiliency with added protection against cybercrime. Today, the company can rapidly retrieve and restore data to get operations back on track.
  • Case Study: The Dolder Resort
    From its booking system to building management and customer service, the Dolder Resort protects their business-critical data with NovaStor DataCenter.

  • Case Study: Tieto
    Global service provider Tieto protects one of the largest corporate data loads worldwide with NovaStor DataCenter.

  • Case Study: Compass
    Compass Network Group is a dental technology integrator that supports over 400 dental practices and offices nationwide. NovaStor and Compass have teamed up to help busy dental practices back up patient data with HIPAA-compliant solutions.

Technical Documents

NovaStor DataCenter 

Resources and Documentation

Tutorial Videos

These videos provide step-by-step tutorials of NovaStor DataCenter to help you get started using the various functions within the software.


File Backup



Hyper-V Backup



MS Exchange Backup



MS SQL Backup



VMware Backup



VMware Replication



Backup for Bare Metal Restore



Bare-Metal Recovery (BMR)



Our free online webinars offer valuable knowledge, insight and technical guidance from NovaStor technical experts and industry leaders.


Guide to HIPAA Compliance

Take a concise look at the security requirements of HIPAA, what constitutes compliance, and what may initiate an audit.



Defeating Ransomware is as Easy as 1-2-3

A single ransomware threat can wipe out an entire network, but it doesn’t have to. Learn about the top threats to your data and how to combat them.



5 Requirements to Properly Securing Unstructured Data

Data protection expert, George Crump, identifies 5 requirements to properly secure unstructured data. Reduce backup time, storage costs and frustration.



Proactive Data Protection Strategies

NovaStor and Buffalo America joined forces in this webinar to bring you the top data protection strategies you can take to proactively keep your data safe.


NovaStor Certifications

NovaStor products are certified by some of the world’s top companies. These product certifications ensure that our products meet the rigorous standards set by leading Fortune 100 companies.